“Ameren’s Automated Meter Reading System”

Applying New Technology in a Utility



Communication technologies continue to leap forward.  In recent years they have reached a new domain:  widespread utility metering.  Ameren uses Automated Meter Reading to communicate with these disperse and important points in its distribution system.  This presentation identifies how this relatively new technology interfaces with the electric and gas meters and how it transfers relevant data to the utility automatically.  With this new communication system in place, Ameren has moved beyond simple consumption meter reading to a variety of advanced applications that provide improved customer service and tools for engineering analysis.


John F. Luth

IEEE/PES St. Louis

March 8, 2006



“Fault Location”


A brief history of methods used for fault location on the transmission system. Included in the presentation will a brief overview of the transmission system, the sometimes unexpected causes of faults and how the location of faults benefits system reliability, system restoration and power quality.


A fault occurrence last year will be used to highlight the benefits of fault location and will lead directly into the following lightning network presentation.

Michael J. McDonald, P.E. 
Principal Engineer System Protection





A brief history of the National Lightning Detection Network and its operation today.  This lecture will also include industry terminology regarding lightning


Bart P. Angeli, P.E.

Supervising Engineer, Standards

Transmission & Distribution Design Department