14 NOVEMBER 2005


The distribution system of an electric power delivery system is the most vital link in getting electric energy residential, commercial and small industrial customers. In most electric companies it represents at least 60% of the total capitol investment. Today customers are demanding high quality of services. Electricity has moved from being considered a service to being treated like a commodity. This is all occurring in a time when there has been a large reduction at the universities in the training of engineers with a knowledge of the production, distribution and utilization of electricity. The emphasis of this presentation will be on the electrical protection of distribution circuits. The material will cover, in a general way, symmetrical components, short circuit calculation, protective relays and recloser applications, sectionalizing, lightning and surge protection, reliability  and automated distribution concepts for radial distribution circuits.


Material will be presented on the new IEEE Standard 1547 Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems Consideration will be given to the application of DR to both radial distribution circuits and to low voltage networks.