IEEE PES - St. Louis Chapter

Chapter Meeting & Lecture

November 17, 2009





Lecture Abstracts



Smart Grid and Ameren by Joseph J. Ostendorf


This presentation will provide an overview of Amerenís initiatives and activities to deliver on Smart Grid goals and objectives for the corporation.Information will cover the key areas of current focus for Ameren and provide a status update on Amerenís Federal Stimulus Funding application process.



Introduction to IEC 61968-9: How a New International Standard Can Enable US Smart-Grid Initiatives by David Haynes


This presentation discusses a few of the Smart Grid goals which have been elevated by a number of parties, and cites the need for standards to integrate numerous utility back-office applications. The Common Information Model (CIM) has been in wide use for SCADA and Energy Management applications for more than a decade. A recently released standard IEC 61968-9 now extends the CIM to define messages for the exchange of information between energy distribution applications such as AMI, MDM, OMS, CIS, and Asset Management. In addition to citing a number of the smart grid goals, this presentation offers an in-depth look at the use of 61968-9 to achieve some of these specific goals.