Central Moloney, Inc.

Position Description



Position: Project Engineer (3 Phase)


Reports To: Vice President-Engineering



Broad Function:


The Project Engineer (3 Phase) is charged with the timely conversion of the Sales Department’s product specifications into detailed drawings, including winding specifications, in such a manner as to insure our commitments to our customers regarding quality and functionality are met. This designer must recognize the limits of the design regarding special application and recommend changes to increase the scope of the basic designs when justified by market conditions.


Primarily, this designer is charged with making the Central Moloney, Inc. 3 Phase unit the industry leader in quality, function, applications and competitive pricing. In doing so, he/she must be alert to cost and performance characteristics while applying existing design parts with the end result being maximum performance at minimum cost.


Responsibility and Authority:


Within the limits of the Corporate Policy and Procedures and the responsibilities and authority delegated by the Vice President-Engineering, the Process Engineer (3 Phase) has the below listed “principal duties”.


Principal Duties:


1.      Contribute to the design of new and improved 3 Phase Transformer products.

2.      Initiate, evaluate, support and coordinate product cost reduction.

3.      Aid in the resolution of plant problems in a timely manner.

4.      Analyze field problems, report findings and recommend design or process changes as required.

5.      Participate in industry organizations and committees which establish standards, performance criteria, safety and reliability requirements and compliance to the 1970 Occupational Safety and Health Act. Insure that the Company’s products are designed to conform to or exceed minimum established standards.

6.      Provide bid design data to Sales/Marketing.

7.      Provide technical support to Sales/Marketing on matters pertaining to product application, product reliability, product safety and other special requirements from customers.

8.      Determine, provide and improve processes, methods and facilities necessary to support short and long range manufacturing business plans.

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Project Engineer (3 Phase)

9.      Develop and issue material specifications for purchased materials, parts and accessories as required by the transformer division.

10.  Develop and distribute process instructions to communicate to the factory procedures necessary to fulfill Engineering product requirements.

11.  Recommend to the Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing Operations and Materials Sections/Subsections changes and procedures, product design or customer delivery methods that will help improve quality, reduce costs, increase profitability and improve customer service.

12.  Provide direction and supervision for annual physical inventory and for comparing the inventory results to the books. Complete summarization and reports for loss items.

13.  Comply with Corporate policies and procedures while integrating the Engineering Section with other Company components.

14.  Perform other duties as assigned by the Vice President-Engineering.


The Project Engineer (3 Phase) is responsible to the Vice President-Engineering for the fulfillment of his/her responsibilities. He/she may delegate to his/her subordinates portions of position responsibility and commensurate authority but may not delegate or relinquish his/her overall responsibility for results or any portion of his/her accountability.



Minimum B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a PE and/or Master’s Degree a plus



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