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Marne and Associates, Inc. - Experts in Electrical Code

Marne and Associates, Inc.
Experts in Electrical Code

NESC® and OSHA Newsletter

April 22, 2009

Marne and Associates NESC and OSHA Newsletter addresses issues relevant to power and communication utilities.

In This Issue:

·         NESC Live Web Seminar: Starting May 6 or May 20

·         Question 1: Does the NESC require "Raptor Proof Construction?"

·         Question 2: Required clearance of line conductors

·         OSHA eLearning Courses: OSHA 1910.269 (Power Lineman) and OSHA 1910.268 (Communication Lineman)

NESC Live Web Seminar (Starting May 6 or May 20) a four-part live web seminar series

Applying the National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC® ) To Day-to-Day Utility Work provides a general overview to each part of the NESC and focuses on practical examples and applications. The class includes time for questions and is rich with graphics. Understanding the NESC® rules is a must for personnel responsible for operating a safe utility system.

The first session of this four-part live web seminar series is scheduled on May 6, 2009 or May 20, 2009. More Info.

Question #1:

Does the NESC require "Raptor Proof Construction?

NESC Rule 011, Scope, addresses the scope of the NESC document. Although not specifically addressed in the Rule 011, the NESC does not cover easements, environmental protection, raptor (bird) protection, FCC regulations, FAA regulations, electromagnetic fields (emf), or construction cost issues. These items are either covered by other standards or they do not present a safety concern and therefore they are not addressed in the NESC. Two documents that provide a wealth of information on Raptor and Avian protection are Suggested Practices for Avian Protection on Power Lines: The state of the Art in 2006 and Migrating Bird Collisions with Power Lines. These documents are available from the Avian Power Line Interaction Committee (www.aplic.org).

Question #2:

If non-metallic perch discourages or metal bird spikes are used on the crossarm of a 12.47/7.2 kV distribution power line, what is the required clearance of these items from the line conductors?

The NESC does not address the clearance between a conductor and non-metallic or metallic bird spikes on a crossarm. NESC Rule 012 requires the use of accepted good practice when specifics are not addressed in the Code. One option for accepted good practice in this case would be to apply judgment and use NESC Table 235-6, Clearance in any direction from line conductors to supports and vertical or lateral conductors, span, or guy wires attached to the same support.

OSHA eLearning Courses: OSHA 1910.269 (Power Lineman) and OSHA 1910.268 (Communication Lineman)

The latest training option from Marne and Associates is now available. OSHA 1910.269 - Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution is an eLearning course consisting of 18 online sessions lasting approximately 7 to 15 minutes each. OSHA 1910.268 Telecommunications is an eLearning course consisting of 15 online sessions lasting approximately 7 to 15 minutes each. Progress is recorded and learners can download and print a certificate of completion once the course is completed. More information, including a demo.


NESC Live Web

Our NESC Live Web Seminar Applying the National Electrical Safety Code to Day-to-Day Utility Work  starts again May 6 or May 20.

OSHA eLearning

Marne and Associates eLearning courses makes OSHA required training easily accessible to your workers.

Purchase McGraw-Hill's NESC 2007 Handbook and the NESC from the Code Store.

Expert Witness
Marne and Associates provides expert witness services relating to the National Electrical Safety Code and OSHA.

If you have a question for our newsletter, please send an email to kirstin@marneassociates.com with a concise description of your NESC or OSHA question. We attempt to answer every question received, but the volume and type of questions limits us.

Disclaimer: The content of this newsletter should be considered general information only. It is not intended to be consulting engineering advice, legal advice, or an official interpretation of the NESC® or OSHA requirements.

The information and diagrams contained in this document attempt to show common situation where the 2007 NESC Code applies. They are intended to be used as visual aids to the reader of the Code and are not intended to be a replacement for the comprehensive nature of the Code as it is written.

The figures and/or photos used in this document were derived from McGraw-Hill's NESC® Handbook by permission of the publisher, McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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