Dr. Brian Stott


Brian Stott works in the field of computer applications for the secure market operation of electric power systems.   In 1984 he co-founded the Arizona company Power Computer Applications, which became a major supplier of network analysis and optimization software for system operations-control and modern markets.  He served as President of this company until 2000, when it became the Energy Solutions business unit of Nexant, Inc.  Since then he has been Principal Consultant to the unit, which supplies advanced software, including integrated FTR systems, to the ISO/RTOs and many large utilities worldwide.   His prior career comprised twelve years with universities in England, Turkey and Canada and seven years with the Brazilian electric energy research center, all involving R&D and software production for electric power network applications.  He has many research publications and has lectured all over the world.  He is a Member of the US National Academy of Engineering, IEEE Fellow, IEEE Millennium Medal recipient, and an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer.  He received his Ph.D. in electric power systems from the University of Manchester, England.