Peggy Ladd

Peggy Ladd has been with Ameren Services since 1999, in various positions supporting Transmission.  She has managed both Short Term and Long Term Transmission Service desks.  As Supervisor, she was responsible for management of the Transmission Service group while it was undergoing rapid expansion and revisions in policy.  In 2001, Ms. Ladd served as General Manager, Market Development for the Alliance RTO, where she had oversight for all customer interface areas.  Since Ameren's entrance into the Midwest ISO, she has routinely volunteered for committee duties, including various Ad Hoc groups. Currently, Ms. Ladd is the Manager of Transmission Regulation and Policy with Ameren.  In the MISO arena in 2007, she began her first year as chair of the Advisory Committee, which is the over 128 stakeholder group for the RTO.  She also began her second 2-year term as Vice-Chair of the 25 Vertically Integrated Transmission Owners (VITOs) on January 1, 2007; and is finishing her second term on the Finance Sub-Committee.  Ms. Ladd has a BS in Bio-Engineering from Texas A&M University and an MBA from Webster University.