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Job Site Policy:

Employers may post jobs seeking regulatory or compliance-related personnel free of charge. Job postings must include the name and location of the employer and a method for an applicant to respond to the listing. We will not accept or post job listings from professional recruitment firms or job placement services working on behalf of a client that is not identified, and we will not include job listings for positions that require the candidate to pay a placement fee. Job postings will remain on this web site for a period of 6 months but may be removed earlier by request of the employer.

Another resource for job seekers is the IEEE Technology Navigator. If you take a look (at you will see a new tab that shows jobs available on the IEEE Jobs website as part of the search resources.  Launched in 2010, IEEE Technology Navigator (TechNav) lets users review IEEE’s intellectual property resources, which include more than 8600 topics. The information is organized by key terms, or tags, which are words or phrases that can be used for searching. TechNav tags are generally terms that are based on search terms from the IEEE Xplore digital library’s thesaurus. They are mapped to more than 50 IEEE societies and organizational units, as well as to industry sectors.

Submit postings to our . The IEEE and the Product Safety Engineering Society do not endorse or screen either employers or candidates.  Additional Engineering job listings can be found on the IEEE-USA's job listings web page and the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society group jobs discussion page on LinkedIn