Technical Program


Arrival Day: Tuesday March 7

7-8:30pm Welcome Reception at the Lone Star Court Hotel @ The Restaurant and Bar (Pitchers of lemonade and iced tea as well as brisket tacos and chicken southwest egg rolls will be provided.  Guests can go to the bar to purchase alcoholic drinks if they desire).

Day 1: Wednesday March 8

Registration desk opens at 8am at Maggiano’s.

Session TitleTimePaper TitleAuthors
8:30 AMWelcome and Opening
Plenary Talk8:40 AMThe European Parliament’s Views on Robotics Mady Delvaux
European Parliament Member
Session W-AM-1: Space Robotics
and Robots for Exploration
9:30 AMRobonaut 2 and You: Specifying
and Executing Complex Operations
Baker, William; Kingston, Zachary; Moll, Mark; Badger, Julia; Kavraki, Lydia
9:50 AMBiosymtic Robotics: Adaptive
Plasticity For Space Exploration
Ferraz, Marta
10:10 AMCoffee Break
Session W-AM-2: Robo Ethics10:40 AMDeep Sea Mining and Robotics: Assessing Legal, Societal and Ethical ImplicationsBrown, Cheryl
11:00 AMHow to Form Robot Law a Case Study of Autonomous CarsYamane, Katsu; Smart, William; Forlizzi, Jodi
Late Morning Talk11:20 AMFuture Environmental Impact of RoboticsYi Guo
12:00 PMLunch (Provided by ARSO)
Session W-PM-1: Machine and Human Motor Learning1:00 PMAddressing Bias in Machine Learning Algorithms: A Pilot Study on Emotion Recognition for Intelligent SystemsHoward, Ayanna; Zhang, Cha; Horvitz, Eric
1:20 PMThe Effects of Musical Cues on Motor Learning Using a Robotic Wrist Rehabilitation SystemEnglish, Brittney; Howard, Ayanna
Session W-PM-2: Human Movement Analysis and Intervention1:40 PMHuman Movement Understanding and RoboticsDemircan, Emel
2:10 PMAn Infant Smart-Mobile System to Encourage Kicking Movements in Infants At-Risk of Cerebral PalsyBryant, De'Aira; Boyd, Janelle; Harris, Jgenisius; Smith, Michelle; García-Vergara, Sergio; Chen, Yu-ping; Howard, Ayanna
2:30 PMCoffee Break
Session W-PM-3: Robotic Manipulation for Novel Environments3:00 PMPressure Ulcer Prevention Using Soft, Non-Grasp Manipulation in a ForcebedBowling, Alan
3:20 PMOperator Training for Preferred Manipulator Trajectories in a GloveboxSharp, Andrew; Horn, Matthew; Pryor, Mitchell
Session W-PM-4: Robot Design3:40 PMDesign of a cost-efficient, double curvature display for robotsVazhapilli Sureshbabu, Anand; Maggiali, Marco; Metta, Giorgio; Parmiggiani, Alberto
4:00 PMA User-Centric Feedback Device for Powered Wheelchairs Comprising a Wearable Skin Stretch Device and a Haptic JoystickKumar, Namita; Yoon, Han; Hur, Pilwon
4:20 PMAn Affordable Open-Source Multifunctional Upper-Limb
Prosthesis with Intrinsic Actuation
Fajardo, Julio; Ferman, Victor; Lemus, Ali A.; Rohmer, Eric
End of Day Talk4:40 PMThe Future Social Impact of NASA JSC Human-Robot Exploration ProgramKimberly Hambuchen
5:20 PMEnd of Day

Day 2: Thursday March 9

Registration desk opens at 8am at Maggiano’s.

8:30 AMMeet Up
Plenary Talk8:40 AMThe Future of Work in a Robot EconomyAlan Manning
Professor of labour economics
London School of Economics
Session T-AM-1: Locomotion Analysis and Estimation of the Human Center of Mass9:30 AMQuadrupedal locomotion in the real world: how do small mammals adjust their limb kinematics in response to variation in substrate typeLiza Shapiro
9:50 AMTowards Understanding Visually Guided Locomotion over Complex and Rough Terrain: A Phase-Space Planning MethodZhao, Ye; Matthis, Jonathan Samir; Barton, Sean; Sentis, Luis
10:10 AMEstimating the Ambulatory Center of Mass during Load Carriage using a Geometric ApproachBarrios, Luenin; Shen, Wei-Min
10:30 AMCoffee Break
Session T-AM-2: Robot Design II11:00 AMDeveloping Semi-Autonomous Humanoid Robots that Perform Various Composite Tasks via a Task Sequencer and Dynamics SimulatorNakaoka, Shinichiro; Cisneros Limon, Rafael; Morisawa, Mitsuharu; Sakaguchi, Takeshi; Kaneko, Kenji; Kajita, Shuuji; Kanehiro, Fumio
11:20Structure Design and Analysis of Compliant Human-Machine Interface Mechanism for ExoskeletonsChen, Zailiang; Zhu, Qihuan; Li, Juan; Li, Weida; Cai, Xiaowei; Zhang, Xiao
Late Morning Talk11:40 AMFuture of Consumer RoboticsPaul Oh
12:20 PMLunch (Provide by ARSO)
Session T-PM-1: Autonomous Robotic Systems I1:20 PMGetting the Shot: Socially-Aware Viewpoints for Autonomously Observing TasksAllevato, Adam; Sharp, Andrew; Pryor, Mitchell
1:40 PMTemporally Static Environment Coverage with Offline Planning TechniquesPitsch, Meredith; Pryor, Mitchell
2:00 PMCoffee Break
Session T-PM-2: Biorobotics2:30 PMDesign and test of biologically inspired multi-fiber Hydro Muscle actuated ankleBowers, Matthew; Harmalkar, Chinmay; Agrawal, Ankur; Kashyap, Abhishek; Tai, Jonathan; Popovic, Marko
2:50 PMProportional Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand Control Using Multi-Regression Model Estimator with Pattern Classifier SelectorArafa, Mostafa; Awad, Mohammed; Tolbah, Farid
3:10 PMBreak
Session T-PM-3: Autonomous Robotic Systems II3:40 PMSemi autonomous Dual-Arm Mobile Manipulator System with Intuitive Supervisory User InterfacesSharp, Andrew; Kruusamäe, Karl; Ebersole, Benjamin; Pryor, Mitchell
4:00 PMAutonomous vision-guided bi-manual grasping and manipulationRastegarpanah, Alireza; Marturi, Naresh; Bekiroglu, Yasemin; Stolkin, Rustam
End of Day Talk4:20 PMArtificial Intelligence and Life in 2030Peter Stone
5:00 PMEnd of Technical Presentations

Day 3: Friday March 10

Registration desk opens at 8am at Maggiano’s.

Plenary Panel8:30 AMThe Future of Robotics and
Its Global Impacts
Sabine Hauert: Bristol SWARM Robotics. Alan Manning: London School of Economics.
Mady Delvaux: European Parliament.
Ayanna Howard: Moderator Gatech.
Robotics Vision Talk9:20 AMFuture Trends in RoboticsOussama Khatib
Social Impacts Talk10:00 AMEthical Considerations for Prioritizing Human Well-Being with AIKay Firth Butterfield
Transformative Talk10:40 AMAndroids and our Future SocietyHiroshi Ishiguro
11:20 AMAnnouncement ARSO 2018Kazuhiito Yokoi
11:30 AMLunch (Provide by ARSO)
12:00 PMEnd of Workshop
Rest of Day Option 1Robotic Tours at The University of Texas at Austin
Rest of Day Option 2Leisure Time to Attend SXSW 2017
The South by Southwest Interactive Festival