IEEE Nano 2008 Poster Guidelines


Posters will be presented during session topic areas in which the posters are a part.  For example, if your poster has been assigned to session ST 2, then your poster will be presented in the ST 2 Poster Session.  Check the ST 2 schedule for the room and time of the poster session.  You will have about 3 to 5 minutes to deliver your poster message to the attending audience.


Poster authors will be allowed to put up their poster in the exhibit hall anytime or in the session where the poster will be presented at a time at the discretion of the session chair.  Poster judging will occur in the exhibits hall late in the afternoon on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Posters should be displayed in these areas by judging times.


You must take down your poster immediately after the end of the poster session.  IEEE will not be responsible for lost poster(s).  Poster Boards will be provided together with pins to attach your poster.  You can either display a large poster with dimensions not to exceed 3 ft x 3 ft or as individual sheets pinned to the conference provided foam board (32” x 40”).  The conference will provide easels on which to stand your poster.


For your display, please use font size large enough so that your text is easily readable from a distance of 3 feet. It is best to have more pictures than text since the goal of the poster is to lead to an extensive interaction between the presenter and people walking through the poster session.


There will be a $500 award for "Best Poster" for poster authors presenting their work.  The posters will be reviewed by a panel of judges who will not only take into account the quality of the display but also the content of the work by asking a series of questions to the author(s). It is therefore necessary to be as ready for your poster  presentation as you would be for an oral presentation.


Download - The 8th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology
Poster Guidelines



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