IEEE Nano 2008 Visa Letter Request


Obtaining a letter of confirmation may
facilitate your Visa application


Do you need a letter confirming your conference meeting registration to help with your efforts to obtain a visa to attend the IEEE Nano 2008 Conference? If so, we can provide a confirmation letter for you for this conference so long as you have:

  1. Already registered for this IEEE Nano 2008 conference and
  2. Paid the registration for this conference.

(Note that in the event that you are denied a visa, we will provide you a full refund of the conference registration right up to the start of the conference.  Send an email to requesting the refund and why.)
To request a confirmation letter, send an email to with the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. Mailing Address
  3. Telephone number
  4. FAX Number
  5. IEEE Member Number (if you are a member)
  6. Indicate whether you are an author, presenter, panelist, committee member or general conference attendee.  For general attendee, please include your main area of interest and at least 2 sessions you plan to attend.
  7. Your conference registration confirmation number emailed to you upon completion of the registration and payment process

All submitted information is verified prior to the letter being produced; it is not an automatic process and it will take approximately 7-10 business days (two calendar weeks) to process and e-mail your requested letter. We are unable to respond to requests submitted after our deadline of July 30 or to requests for meetings other than this IEEE Nano 2008 conference. Please note that this confirmation letter does not guarantee that you will receive a visa.  Since it does require time to process, we suggest that you plan on as much lead time as possible to get your letter request in and process your visa application.
All confirmation letters will be sent using email.  If you would like us to mail or FAX the letter also, please indicate that on the email request.  If you need for us to send this letter on your behalf to an embassy, please provide the following additional information in your email request:

  1. Embassy name
  2. Contact Name and title
  3. Contact email address
  4. Contact Telephone number
  5. Contact FAX number
  6. Contact Mailing address

The content of confirmation letters is very strictly controlled.  We regret that we are unable to provide letters for companions and spouses who may be accompanying potential delegates, or customize a letter beyond what is shown in this sample letter.
Additional information on Visa processing is available at the website of the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs Visa Services:


For questions regarding above, please contact





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