Distributed Generation & Energy Storage Working Group

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Welcome to the Distributed Generation (DG) & Energy Storage (ES) Working Group (WG) web site. We have explored a wide range of DG & ES technologies in the past seven years, and our WG members have produced a significant number of informative presentations and papers. You are encouraged to explore this web site and view the material contained herein.

It is also worth noting that DG and ES systems will be employed by utility customers in much greater numbers, and increasing size (capacity), in the future. Progressive utilities are likely to install their own ES and DG systems, the control of which will be an integral aspect of developing the Smart Grid concept that is receiving so much attention at present. This web site will be updated after every IEEE P&ES General Meeting.


Posted on behalf of the DG&ES Working Group

John J. Bzura, Ph.D., P.E., Chairman

Kai Strunz, Ph.D., Vice Chairman

Bartosz Wojszczyk, Ph.D., Secretary

Mike Knauff, Ph.D. Candidate, Site Webmaster

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