Women in Engineering Event

Being the First

Dr. Serpil Ayasli, 2008 IEEE Warren D. White Award Recipient for Excellence in Radar Engineering

Time: Tuesday, May 11, 1:20-2:20pm (UTC-4)

Open to all conference attendees. Please join us for a presentation by the esteemed Dr. Serpil Ayasli, the first female recipient of the Warren D. White Award for Excellence in Radar Engineering. Dr. Ayasli will discuss the highlights and pitfalls related to “Being the First”. Many in the radar field have a claim to being a "First": "First" to go to college; "First" to earn an engineering or science degree; "First" to balance a career and children. Dr. Ayasli will discuss her groundbreaking work that led to her receipt of the IEEE Warren D. White award, provide insight into those challenges that arise from being "First out of the Gate", and provide advice for those pursuing their own "Firsts."

Presenter's Biography

Dr. Serpil Ayasli, former Associate Group Leader at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, received the 2008 Warren D. White Award for Excellence in Radar Engineering for her contributions to ultra-wideband radar for ground and foliage penetration. She was a corecipient of the IEEE/AESS 1996 M. Barry Carlton Award and was named an IEEE Fellow in 2002.

After her work at MIT as post-doctoral fellow in astrophysics from 1979 to 1982, Dr. Ayasli worked at MIT Lincoln Laboratory from 1982 until 2006. Her work at the Laboratory focused on air defense and surface surveillance radar research and development, including foliage penetration (FOPEN) and ground penetration (GPEN) radar. Dr. Ayasli and her team's work at Lincoln Laboratory led to the first successful experimental proof of the feasibility of an advanced coherent FOPEN radar system that would enable detection and tracking of targets in foliage.

She holds a BS degree in electrical engineering and MS and PhD degrees in physics from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey.