Presentation and Movies


Speaker:  Roland Siegwart & Pierre Lamon, EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)

Title:         Locomotion Concepts, Motion Control and 3D Position Tracking for Planetary Rovers  (22Mb)



  1. Crab body kinematics (903Kb)
  2. C body kinematics (748Kb)
  3. E body kinematics (894Kb)


  1. Crab body driving experiment (729Kb)
  2. C body driving experiment (1Mb)
  3. Octo body driving experiments (11Mb)


  1. Shrimp Sensor Fusion: Visual Motion Estimation, Inertial Sensor 3D-Odometry (1.8Mb)
  2. Shrimp 3D Odometry graphics (31Mb)
  3. Shrimp 3D Odometry + IMU graphics (3.8Mb)
  4. Shrimp rough terrain graphics 1 (3.7Mb)
  5. Shrimp rough terrain graphics 2 (3.1Mb)
  6. Shrimp stair climbing experiment (8Mb)
  7. Shrimp rough terrain experiment (2.5Mb)