The 39th IEEE Sarnoff Symposium
NJIT Campus Center, 150 Bleeker St, University Heights, Newark, NJ
September 24-25, 2018


Since 1978, the IEEE Sarnoff Symposium has been bringing together telecom and communications experts from industry, universities, and governments. The Sarnoff Symposium continues to grow as a premier forum in the northeastern United States for researchers, engineers, and business executives, drawing an attendance from all over the world. Besides technical sessions, the Symposium will include keynotes, invited talks, expert panels, tutorials, demo/exhibits and posters presentations.

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The following are instructions for all who have an accepted paper to the Sarnoff Symposium 2018:

1) One or more of the paper’s authors should register for Sarnoff ’18 at the full registration price by August 24th. The registration instructions will soon be available here, and will also be emailed to authors of accepted papers.

2) Please prepare the final version of your accepted paper using the IEEE Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings ( The final manuscript should not exceed 6 pages inclusive of figures and references.

3) After preparing your finalized paper draft it should be checked for compliance with IEEE Xplore using the IEEE PDF Xpress web site ( You will need to enter the Conference ID for Sarnoff, which is 41749XP, as part of this process.

4) After ensuring your document conforms to IEEE standards, it must be uploaded through the EDAS paper submission site. After logging in to EDAS, select the “My Papers” tab. Locate your Sarnoff submission’s row. There should also be a column titled “Upload.” Please submit your final manuscript using the icon at this location.

5) Lastly, an IEEE copyright form must be submitted for each accepted paper. This can be accomplished using the “Record Copyright” link in EDAS.




MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2018 08:00-09:00 Registration and Networking 09:00-09:15 Opening Remarks and Welcome Messages 09:15-09:45 Keynote Presentation Building a Large Scale Network around Automation! Dr. Gulrukh Ahanger Vice President, Comcast 09:45-10:05 360 degree on-demand video streaming Dr. Yao Wang Professor, New York University USA 10:05-10:25 Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research: Helping Define a New Edge Computing Paradigm Mr. Abhimanyu (Manu) Gosain Technical Program Director, Northeastern University. 10:25- 10:40 Coffee Break 10:40-11:00 Towards Network Systems that Improve with Experience Dr. Mohammad Alizadeh Assistant Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 11:00-11:20 Towards Automated Network Management: Learning Optimal Network Policies Dr. Carlee Joe-Wong Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University 11:20-11:40 Building Smart Memories and Responsive Edge Services with Derecho Dr. Ken Birman Professor, Cornell University 11:40-12:00 Business-to-Consumer Communications in the era of AI Dr. Venkatesh Krishnaswamy CEO, Koopid Inc 12:00-13:00 Lunch Break 13:00-13:30 Keynote Presentation Network Automation - the Next Big Innovation Dr. Marina Thottan Group Lab Leader, Nokia Bell Labs 13.30-13:50 Reinventing Businesses with AI Dr. Ruchir Puri CTO & Chief Architect, IBM Watson 13:50-14:10 Edge Computing in Emerging 5G Networks Mr. Robert Gazda Senior Director Future Wireless, InterDigital 14:10-14:30 Role of Deep Data Analytics in Network Engineering Mr. Michael Raj Director, Business Intelligence, Verizon 14:30-15:30 Technical Session 1: Machine Learning and Deep Learning o The Tail Distribution of the Sum of Kappa Random Variables with Unequal Weight and Correlation o Shannon-Entropy-Based Artificial Intelligence Applied To Identify Social Anomalies in Large Latin American Cities o Evacuating Routes in Indoor-Fire Scenarios with Selection of Safe Exits on Known and Unknown Buildings using Machine Learning o Visible Light Communication Using Deep Learning Techniques 15:30-15:45 Coffee Break 15:45-17:00 Technical Session 2: Security and Privacy o Scalable Computing in a Blockchain o Immutability measure for different blockchain structures o Security Aware Spatial Modulation (SA-SM) o A Sliding Window Based Monitoring Scheme to Detect and Prevent DDoS Attack in Data Center Networks in a Dynamic Traffic Environment o Modern Network Security Practices: Using Rainbow Tables to Solve Organizational Issues 15:45-17:00 Panel Session A: Machine Learning for Networks and Cloud: Challenges and Opportunities (Moderator: Dr. Anwar Walid, Nokia Bell Labs) Dr. Ruchir Puri (IBM) Dr. Mohammad Alizadeh (MIT) Dr. Siddhartha Sen (Microsoft Research, NYC) Mr. Michael Raj (Verizon) Dr. Carlee Joe-Wong (Carnegie Mellon University) Dr. Junchen Jiang (University of Chicago) 17:00-18:00 Technical Session 3: Communication QoS, Reliability & Modeling o Understanding User Perceived Video Quality using Multipath TCP over Wireless Network o Age of Information Upon Decisions o Network Optimization for Differentiated QoS Traffic in an SDN Environment for PoP-Data Center Traffic o Efficient Deployment of UAVs for Maximum Wireless Coverage using Genetic Algorithm TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 08:00-09:00 Registration and Networking 09:00-09:30 Keynote Presentation Arbitrum: Scalable, Private Smart Contracts Dr. Edward W. Felten Professor, Princeton University 09:30-09:50 Edge Clouds and Akraino Dr. Oliver Spatscheck Assistant Vice President, AT&T Labs 09:50-10:10 Learning and large-scale data analytics for resilience of energy infrastructure at edge Dr. Chuanyi Ji Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology 10:10-10:30 Live Video Analytics ñ the ìkiller appî for edge computing! Dr. Ganesh Ananthanarayanan Research Engineer, Microsoft Research 10:30-10:45 Coffee Break 10:45-11:05 Multi-beam aspects of 5G standard Dr. Nazmul Islam Senior Research Engineer, Qualcomm 11:05-11:25 Hybrid scheduling in heterogeneous half- and full-duplex wireless networks Dr. Gil Zussman Associate Professor, Columbia University 11:25-11:45 mmWave Deployment Challenges, a Carrierís Perspective Mr. Mark T. Watts Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Verizon 11:45-12:05 A Cloud Native Approach to Network Slicing Mr. Sameer Sharma Head, Autonomic Networks & Mobile Services Research, Nokia Bell Labs 12:05-13:05 Lunch Break 13:05-13:35 Keynote Presentation 5G and Edge Cloud evolution drive Industrial Innovation Ms. Sree Koratala Vice-President, Head of NFVi & Orchestration, Ericsson North America 13:35-13:55 Towards Intelligence on the Edge: Restructuring Computing to Enable the Next Generation of the IoT Dr. Maria Gorlatova Associate Director, Princeton EDGE Lab 13:55-14:15 A Race to the Edge Dr. Padmanabhan S Pillai Senior Research Engineer, Intel Labs 14:15-14:35 SkyLiTE: End-to-End Design of Low-altitude UAV Networks for Providing LTE Connectivity Dr. Ayon Chakraborty Researcher, NEC Laboratories 14:35-15:20 Technical Session 4: Optical Networks and Systems o A New Approach to the Routing and Spectrum Problem in Spectrum-Sliced Elastic Optical Networks o Delayed Wavelength Switching and Allocation in Optical Networks o Co-Scheduling Scientific Workflows in Elastic Optical Networks 15:20-15:35 Coffee Break 15:35-16:35 Technical Session 5: Resource Allocation and Wireless Applications o An Autonomous Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Walker for Indoor Navigation o Implementation of a Cost Effective Gas Pipeline Monitoring System for Water Ingress Detection o iNaaS: Indoors Navigation as a Service on the Cloud and Smartphone Application o Placing Multiple Drone Base Stations in Hotspots 16:35-17:50 Technical Session 6: Wireless Communications o A Pre-Coding Technique to Mitigate PAPR in MIMO-OFDM Systems o Performance Analysis for HF Communication with Dominant Noise Source o Frequency Assignment for JALN HCB o Utilizing Spectral Level Crossings: An Example Signal-to-Noise Ratio Estimator o OpenFlow Experimenter Labels for Encoding Adaptive Network Functions 16:35-17:50 Panel Session B: 5G Network Slicing - Opportunities and Challenges (Moderator: Deepak Kataria, IEEE PCJS) Dr. Cagatay Buyukkoc (AT&T) Mr. Hans Raj Nahata (Verizon) Dr. Dragan Samardzija (Nokia) Mr. Suresh Narayanan (Ericsson) Mr. Virgil Vladescu (Fujitsu Network Communications) 17:50-18:00 Closing Remarks



Steering Committee



Technical Program Committee

Mr. S. K. Agrawal, Delhi Technological University (DTU) Formerly Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) Dr. Walid Ahmed, Broadcom Inc. Prof. Nabi Sertac Artan, New York Institute of Technology Dr. Gautam Bhanage, Cisco Systems Mr. Sivakumar Ganapathy, Cisco Systems Inc Dr. Ibrahim Hokelek, TUBITAK BILGEM Dr. Philip Ji, NEC Laboratories America, Inc. Dr. Elias Kpodzo, L-3 Communications TE Dr. Wenjia Li, New York Institute of Technology Dr. Ziping Liu, Southeast Missouri State University Prof. M. Umit Uyar, City College of The City University of New York Dr. Jonathan Voris, New York Institute of Technology, USA Dr. Yang Wang, La Salle University Dr. Scott Yam, Queen's University Dr. Yifan Zhang, SUNY Binghamton



Mr. Akeem Adebomehin, University of Essex Dr. Izzat Alsmadi, University of Texas A&M San Antonio Dr. Ashraf Badawi, Zewail City for Science and Technology Dr. Nilanjan Banerjee, IBM Research Dr. Ana Barbancho, Universidad de Málaga Dr. Isabel Barbancho, Universidad de Malaga Dr. Md Zakirul Alam Bhuiyan, Fordham University Dr. Aresh Dadlani, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) Dr. Venkateswara Dasari, US Army Research Laboratory Dr. Jitender Deogun, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Dr. Safiullah Faizullah, Hewlett-Packard Dr. Mariusz A Fecko, Vencore Labs, USA Mr. Hassan El GHAZI, INPT Mr. Ömer Faruk Gemici, TÜBİTAK BİLGEM & İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, Turkey Mrs. Maryam Jalalitabar, Georgia State University, USA Mr. Harshvardhan Joshi, North Carolina State University Dr. Marc Koerner, ICSI Dr. Janusz Kusyk, New York City College of Technology, USA Mr. Chaoyang Li, Georgia State University, USA Dr. Guoqi Luo, Stevens Institute of Technology, Bloomberg Prof. Rashid Mehmood, King AbdulAziz University Mr. Khalid Mohammadani, Isra University Mr. Wasiu Oduola, Prairie View A & M University Mr. Oluwaseyi Omotere, Prairie View A&M University Dr. Loreto Pescosolido, CNR - Italian National Research Council, Italy Prof. Euripides Petrakis, Technical University of Crete (TUC) Dr. Sridhar Raghavan, Entreprenuer Ms. Fatima Salahdine, University of North Dakota Mr. Ali Shahini, New Jersey Institute of Technology Dr. Shashank Shanbhag, Salesforce, Inc. Dr. Koushik Sinha, Southern Illinois University Prof. Iickho Song, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Mr. Xiang Sun, New Jersey Institute of Technology Mr. Robinson Udechukwu, North Carolina State University Dr. Dimitrios Vergados, National Technical University of Athens Dr. Christos Verikoukis, CTTC & UB, Spain Prof. Ning Weng, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Dr. Nikhil Yadav, St. John's University Mr. Bin Yang, Beihang University, P.R. China Dr. Zhutian Yang, Harbin Institute of Technology Mr. Demir Yavas, Istanbul Technical University Dr. Juzi Zhao, San Jose State University







The registration instructions will soon be available here. Authors of accepted papers: please remember, at least one author must register at full author rate (even if the author is a student, or otherwise normally eligible for reduced registration rate.