Seq Type Title Authors
1 Full Papers Code Refactoring and its Impact on Internal and External Software Quality: An Experimental Study Mohammed Alawairdhi
2 Full Papers An experiential learning cybersecurity project for multiple STEM undergraduates Aunshul Rege; Katorah N. Williams; Alyssa Mendlein
3 Full Papers Application of Text Data Mining To STEM Curriculum Selection and Development Andres Fortino; Roy E Lowrance; Qitong Zhong; WeiChieh Huang
4 Full Papers Interdisciplinary Internship Projects Utilizing Legacy Robotic Equipment under Budget Constraints at a Small-sized Institution Haklin Kimm
5 Full Papers Analyzing the Impact of Computer Science Workshops on Middle School Teachers Isabel Morais; Mayra Bachrach
6 Full Papers The Wisdom of our Native American Tribes: The Iku/Arhuaco People. Their Science, Culture and Math as a tribute to an exiting Civilization Ernesto Vega Janica; Hugues Vega Murgas; Simón Esmeral Ariza
7 Full Papers Quality Improvement of Engineering Mathematics: A Case Study at Shaqra University Mohammad T Haweel; Abdulaziz S. Alsayyari; Adel Khalid Alblawi
8 Full Papers STEM for Public Safety in Cyber: Training for Local Law Enforcement and Cyber Security Michael Losavio; Adrian Lauf; Adel S Elmaghraby; Andrew Wright; Ghiyoung Im; Jarrod Hinton; Jeff Hieb; Kyra Fritz
9 Full Papers Developing hands-on laboratory exercises for teaching STEM students the internet-of-things, cloud computing and blockchain applications Ravi Rao
10 Full Papers Comprehensive Amateur Radio Education including Public Outreach Thomas Fuhrmann; Michael Niemetz; Michael Farmbauer
11 Full Papers Difference in Student Performance When Changing Course Duration Tamer Breakah
12 Full Papers A Paradigm for Teaching Math and Computer Science Concepts in K-12 Learning Environment By Integrating Coding, Animation, Dance, Music and Art Mirit Shamir; Mark Kocherovsky; CJ ChanJin Chung
13 Full Papers Ethics and Transversal Citizenship in the Teaching of Science and Engineering Francisco Iracheta; Adriana Martinez-Cantón
14 Full Papers Education-Robotics Symbiosis: An Evaluation of Challenges and Proposed Recommendations Habib Ahmed; Hung M La
15 Full Papers Scalable Delivery and Remediation of Engineering Assessments using Computer-Based Assessment Ronald DeMara; Tian Tian; Soheil Salehi; Navid Khoshavi; Steven Pyle
16 Full Papers Data science education through education data: an end-to-end perspective Ravi Rao
17 Full Papers A Smart Classroom of Wireless Sensor Networks for Students Time Attendance System Fawaz Alassery
18 Full Papers Bringing Geosciences to K-12 Classrooms: A Teacher Training Program Developed by Sterling Hill Mining Museum Ralph Tillinghast; Mo Mansouri; William Kroth; Edward Petersen; Gordon Powers; Missy Holzer
19 Full Papers An Integrated Secondary School STEM Research Program: Results, Challenges, and Opportunities Xiang Gong; Erik Mohlhenrich
20 Full Papers Evaluating the Effectiveness of a STEaM Training Project Neville Jacobs; Heather Tomasello
21 Full Papers School-Age Children Program Social Robots - World Robot Summit Pilot Study 2018 Amy Eguchi
22 Full Papers Do PISA Scores Relate to Happiness? Swapna S. Gokhale
23 Full Papers Applying Computer Science in Biology: A Model for Incorporating Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Approaches through ePortfolio in the First Year Experience at LaGuardia Community College Na Xu; Charles Keller; Yun Ye
24 Full Papers Engineering Exposure for Pre-College Women: A University-Based Workshop Model Zahraa N Krayem; Angela Kelly; Jennifer R. McCauley; Monica F. Bugallo
25 Full Papers Cunning: From play to wit, a STEM laboratory for technological and social entrepreneurship Neil Guerrero Gonzalez; Juan Franco Rubio
26 Full Papers Investigating Cisco Packet Tracer Capabilities for Hands-on Information Security Education Zouheir Trabelsi
27 Full Papers Integration of Virtual Reality in Secondary STEM Education Eric Nersesian; Adam Spryszynski; Michael J Lee
28 Full Papers Impact of Project-based Learning on Self-Efficacy of Students in Engineering Modeling and Design Courses Muhammad Safeer Khan; Mohamed Ibrahim
29 Full Papers Open Software and Hardware Blood Glucose Analysis as a STEM Project Rebecca Mercuri; Max Ramer; Yashwee Kothari; Saamia Khan; Aditya Vidyadharan
30 Full Papers Radiolytic Denaturation of Bovine Milk Proteins with Fast Neutron Bombardment William Nolan
31 Full Papers Developing a Model for Increasing Leadership & Diversity in STEM through Mobile STEM Workshops, Collaboration, & Community Involvement Lori Sheetz; Samuel Ivy; Debbie Conn; Jasmine Motupalli
32 Full Papers An Accessible, Distributed, Technology-Based Approach for Student and Mentor Engagement Liem Huynh; Karla Gray-Roncal; Maria Roncal; William Gray-Roncal
33 Full Papers Early Lessons in Changing Engineering Culture for the Success of URM Doctoral Students in Engineering: PITT STRIVE Sylvanus Wosu; Steven Abramowitch; David Gau
34 Full Papers The SeaPerch Evolution: From Grassroots to a Global Community Lindsey Groark; Kelly Cooper; Daryl Davidson
35 Full Papers An Analyze and Actions to Increase the Quality in STEM Higher Education Radu A. Vasiu; Diana Andone
36 Full Papers Examining the Social Aspect of Climate Change through Mathematics Debasmita Basu; Nicole Panorkou; Michelle M. Zhu
37 Full Papers miniGEMS 2018 Summer Camp Evaluation: Empowering Middle School Girls in STEAM Chaoyi Wang; Michael Frye
38 Full Papers Does Creating Shared Projects in Virtual Reality Capture Students' Interest in Technology? An International Project in STEM Education Mark Frydenberg; Diana Andone
39 Full Papers High School Students' Perceptions about Biology, Related Influence of Factors and Players Angeles Dominguez; Itzel Hernandez; Jesus Beltran-Sanchez
40 Works in Progress Integrated STEM Helps Drone Education Fly Veronica Farr; Gerri Light
41 Works in Progress Workshop to Increase Women's Enrollment in Technology Discipline at the Community College Dugwon Seo; Michael Lawrence
42 Works in Progress Measuring the Influences of a STEM Enrichment Program on Middle School Girls' Self-efficacy and Career Development Chaoyi Wang; Michael Frye
43 Works in Progress Hip, Hip, Array: Teaching Programming for Data Science is the same as Computer Science--Just Different Jan Buzydlowski
44 Works in Progress Developing Partnerships for Unique Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education Facilities Albert Kerecman
45 Works in Progress My Teacher is a Hologram: Measuring innovative STEM learning experiences Sandra Gudino Paredes; Nohemí Rivera Vázquez
46 Works in Progress FRODO: An Open-Source Architecture for Instruction IP Rahul Razdan; Rodger Polanco; Damien Razdan; Zachary Weingarten
47 Works in Progress STEM Education: How Best to "Illuminate the Lamp of Learning" Dwight Bues
48 Works in Progress Ketchup: A STEM Project in Gashora, Rwanda, Rooted in Philadelphia Jorge Santiago-Aviles; Gerri Light
49 Works in Progress Project-based learning in the Chemistry Laboratory: a case of Mexico Samuel Antonio Rosas-Melendez; Jesus Beltran-Sanchez
50 Works in Progress Paper Topic: An Industry perspective on STEM Integration and Developing Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills in K-12 Environment using System Engineering Concepts Gennaro Avvento; Eric Sudano
51 Works in Progress Aspire High School Internship - Redesigning a Wide-Angle Camera Lens to Study the Aurora Borealis Charlotte Alavi
52 Works in Progress Sample Vehicles for Integrating Education across STEM Disciplines Janusz Zalewski
53 Works in Progress When science meets the market: a multidisciplinary approach of entrepreneurship education Elda Barron; José Amorós
54 Works in Progress Simulation Design and Development for Learning Seasons and Lunar Phases using HTML5 and JavaScript Michelle M. Zhu; Sneha Gulati; Nicole Panorkou
55 Works in Progress Visually Representing the Landscape of Mathematical Structures Katherine Gravel; Hayden Jananthan; Jeremy Kepner
56 Works in Progress Transforming learning through relevant STEM education for Nigerian students Adetola A Salau
57 Works in Progress Digital Signal Processing in Radio Astronomy: An Interdisciplinary Experience Pranav Sanghavi; Kevin Bandura; John Makous; Howard Chun
58 Works in Progress Virtual Reality and Statistical Thinking Enhancement Olga Lopez; Julian Lechuga
59 Works in Progress Real-Time Visualization of Neural Network Training to Supplement Machine Learning Education Michael You; Jessica Yin
60 Works in Progress WiFi Motion Detection: A Study into Efficacy and Classification Sadhana S Lolla; Amy X Zhao
61 Works in Progress Enhancement of Introductory Computer Science Recitations: from Passive to Active James Heliotis; Sean Strout
62 Works in Progress Integrating Entrepreneurship Education into Project Based Design Education Frank Washko; William Edwards; Leslie Washko
63 Works in Progress Fomenting STEM Careers through Robotics Competitions: A Work in Progress Rodrigo A Canek; Yeisson R Chicas; Oscar Rodas
64 Works in Progress Developing STEM competences by building Low-Cost Technology Robots: A Work in Progress Yeisson R Chicas; Rodrigo A Canek; Oscar Rodas
65 Works in Progress Autonomous Vehicles and Aerospace Engineering as a STEAM development platform Rolando Bautista Montesano; Edgar Lopez-Valdez; Diego Jiménez-Ríos; Víctor Gómez-Aladro
66 Works in Progress Real-time assimilations and concept clearing for K12 students by online-offline methodology Daljit Singh; Amit Dixit