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  1. IEEE New Zealand Council

  2. IEEE New Zealand Sections

  3. 125th Celebrations in New Zealand

  4. Engineering the Future Video Competition

  5. General Enquires

IEEE New Zealand Council

IEEE New Zealand Council

The IEEE is a non-profit organisation, and the world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology. You can find their home page here:

IEEE is a very large organisation having 4 main branches of activities: technical (supported by subject specific societies), standards, publishing, and member and geographic. Under this last category sits operational units for Sections, Councils and Regions. The individual sections are the main bodies which deliver services to the local IEEE membership and communities. The Councils are a collection of sections which deliver support to the sections, and Regions are a collection of councils and sections which provide administrative and financial oversight and control on these sub-units.

The IEEE New Zealand Council is a small administrative body, which exists at the pleasure of its constituent sections for the express purpose of:

  1. Providing a common voice for IEEE within New Zealand, when requested by it constituent sections.

  2. Providing an initial point of contact to IEEE and to help direct enquires to the appropriate units of the organisation.

  3. To help coordinate activities between the sections.

The Council and the New Zealand Sections belong to Region 10: Asia Pacific.

The Council is hosted by one of the sections for a term of two-year, with a rotation scheme between the sections. As with all IEEE units and Officer positions terms run for the calendar year starting on the 1st of January.

The Council consists of the chairs of the various New Zealand sections and a chairperson elected by the section hosting the council for its term. The business of the Council is largely conducted its chairperson.

The Council is a fully volunteer run unit and has no accounts or budgets. Extraordinary expenses of the Council are met by an equal levee on the sections, when required and as agreed.

The current hosting section of the Council is IEEE New Zealand South Section for the term 2008 & 2009, and is chaired by Dr Andrew Bainbridge-Smith.

IEEE New Zealand Sections

The main bodies delivering services to the local IEEE membership, the engineering profession, and the wider community are the various sections. Services include regular technical seminars and meetings, site visits to engineering organisations, networking and social gatherings, careers advice and mentoring, and extensive student support particularly at the undergraduate level.

All IEEE members belong to a section, with the geographic boundaries between sections being determined by the New Zealand Postal Codes.

The New Zealand Sections are:

  1. IEEE New Zealand North Section
    The boundary of this section includes postal codes 0000 to 3999. This being the upper half of the North Island.

    The Section has traditionally been centred on the University of Auckland.

  2. IEEE New Zealand Central Section
    The boundary of this section includes postal codes 4000 to 6999. This being the lower half of the North Island.

    The Section is co-located between centres at Massey University, Palmerston North, and Wellington Central.

  3. IEEE New Zealand South Section
    The boundary of this section includes postal codes 7000 to 9999. This being the entire South Island.

    The Section has traditionally been centred on the University of Canterbury.

Map of New Zealand Sections

125th Celebrations in New Zealand

In 2009 the IEEE will be celebrating its 125th Anniversary. To mark this occasion a number of events will be held globally and within New Zealand. These include:

  1. New Zealand North Student Poster Competition.

  2. New Zealand Central Industry symposium

  3. New Zealand South History Poster Competition

  4. New Zealand South Awards Event – 17 October 2009

For details on any of these events please refer to the sections website. The New Zealand Council is also hosting a pan New Zealand competition for secondary school students for details on this event look below.

Engineering the Future Video Competition

The New Zealand Council is hosting a video competition for secondary school students in New Zealand. The theme of the competition is:

Engineering the Future: What will technology look like and what roles will electrical and IT engineers have in the next 25 to 125 year?

The challenge is to make a high-definition video, with a run time of not more than 5 minutes, looking at what the future may hold. Teams are to consist of up to 5 students and a teacher mentor, with no restriction on age groups or the number of entries from any one school. Entries will be judged on their imaginative view of the future and the realism by which it may be achieved.

Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube complete this registration form and send it to:

Dr Andrew Bainbridge-Smith
Chair New Zealand Council
c/- Dept. Electrical Engineering
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand

Or Fax to (03) 364 2761

Click here for the promotional flyer for the competition with instructions.

Click here for the competition registration form.

General Enquires

Email to: