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Senior Electrical Test Engineer will lead the development and integration of automated tests systems for manufacturing and design validation systems of complex electronics products. Be responsible for the overall system architecture and the electrical subsystems in particular

Technical Lead System Engineer will lead the development and integration of automated tests systems for manufacturing and design validation systems of complex electronics products. Functionally lead a team composed of Software Developers, Electrical Designers, PCB Designers, Mechanical Designers and subject matter experts.

Senior Software Engineer will develop automated test systems, from preparation of proposals to the development of the architecture, coding, integration, and acceptance testing of them. Integration of advanced test and measurement systems including various instruments, industrial communication protocols, data acquisition systems, and factory automation systems.

Averna: Automated test and quality assurance solutions. Just over the bridge from San Francisco and Richmond in gorgeous San Rafael.


Santa Clara University Graduate Engineering
The Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation, the new STEM facility, is now open; includes new upgrades such as a Raman spectrophotometer. See the ad below right for more information.

Besser Associates
The Worldwide Leader in RF and Wireless Training. Online classes available now. See ad in the right column.


24th International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED'23)| Call for Papers, due October 9, 2022.
ISQED caters to manufacturing, design and EDA. Papers desired involving high level design, circuit design (digital, analog, mixed-signal, RF), test & verification, design automation tools; processes; flows, device modeling, semiconductor technology, advance packaging, and biomedical & bioelectronic devices. This conference will take place in April of 2023.


2022 IEEE International Symposium on Digital Privacy and Social Media (ISDPSM 2022), | San Jose Marriott Hotel | August 1st, 2022
With the theme of Applying Engineering Solutions to a Complex Set of Issues, the event will focus on these privacy issues: * Legislative * Practical * Standards * Enterprise vs gov. regulations conflict. Well-known Keynotes. Register TODAY at to secure your seat.

24th International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED'23) | April, 2023
ISQED caters to manufacturing, design and EDA, such as high level design, circuit design (digital, analog, mixed-signal, RF), test & verification, design automation tools; processes; flows, device modeling, semiconductor technology, advance packaging, and biomedical & bioelectronic devices.


See job search tips on the Employment page. Link is in the sidebar on the left.

If you are currently unemployed and wish to seek employment in the eGrid, please email me your name, the work you are looking for (in a few words), your email address, and LinkedIn contact info. There is no charge for this service.

Control systems/ embedded programming, simulation, 40+ years experience, full or part time, Brian Tremaine, tel 669-273-6035

Business Development, Sales, Marketing. 30 years of VP & Director level experience. Would like a fulfilling job in GreenTech. Pete Christensen,

Software project management, Linux administration, F1 visa and need sponsorship. Been working since 2004. Shahadat Hossain.

Developer & Cloud DevOPS w/ 11 years Unix/Linux, 6 years Colloidal & Surface Chemistry, developing prototype MESH drone swam for pollution/bacteria & virus monitoring, Joschka-Joseph Anderso,

Development Engineer with 10+ years experience in the Thin Film and Laser industry, MS in Statistics, looking for a new position in Process Development / Metrology Engineering. Stan Louie


More detail on these volunteer opportunities is available on the Volunteer Opportunities page. The link is in the far left column.

Healthy Cities Tutoring, Help a K-8th grade student with reading, writing, math, homework, organization, study skills, self esteem. 45 minutes a week; training and support provided.

Partner with science teachers of K-8 students - STEM logo

School Science Presenters Wanted for AVS Science in Action - or! SIA Logo

Have you ever thought about teaching? Learn more and Apply for the EnCorps Fellowship for STEM Professionals - EnCorpsSTEM
EnCorps now has a new virtual volunteer tutoring opportunity with a STEMx Math Tutoring program where students would be paired with a tutor for 2 one-on-one sessions a week.

Project Open NanoCarbon - Monthly meetups/opensci journal club to research, build and deploy open hardware to rapidly solidify gigatonnes of carbon from atmospheric CO2.

Advise & mentor underrepresented young adult entrepreneurs. Flexible time commitment. Business and technology experienced professionals browse details, and apply to join at


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You are cordially invited to attend the RF and wireless training courses listed below by Besser Associates, the worldwide leader in RF and wireless training.

Applied RF Engineering I - Circuits and Transmission Lines, Starts September 12, On Demand, Online
Applied RF Engineering II - Wireless Digital Signals, Starts September 12, On Demand, Online
RF Technology Certification, Starts September 19, On Demand, Online
Radio Systems: RF Transceiver Design from Antenna to Bits & Back, San Jose: October 17 to 21
mmWave RFIC and MMIC Design Techniques, San Jose: October 24 to 26
RF, Digital High Speed, PCB & EMI Design Fundamentals, Start Anytime, On Demand, Online

For the complete schedule please visit:

SCU Engineering: Leading the way to a sustainable future.
Engineering with a Mission
The Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation is the new home for the Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics, built to support collaboration across traditional disciplines. Find or fuel your passion in one or more of our interdisciplinary labs.

* Tackle problems at the nanoscale in our Center for Nanostructures.
* Work on humanitarian projects in the Frugal Innovation Hub.
* Work independently or with peers to find solutions to the world's energy challenges in the Latimer Energy Lab.
* Have fun working on your own 3D printing project or an assignment for class in the Maker Lab.
* Advance drone technology, monitor satellites for NASA, or design autonomous vehicles for use in Monterey Bay or Lake Tahoe in the Robotics Systems Laboratory.
* Partner with Silicon Valley medical device and biotechnology companies to solve real-world challenges that transform global health in the BioInnovation and Design Lab.

To obtain more information on SCU's School of Engineering, please contact Stacey Tinker, Director of Admissions, at or call 408-554-4313.


8/11, 8:00 am, SFBA EPS, PHOT, Glass-Based Quantum Photonic Packaging At Fraunhofer IZM, WebEx
Photonic packaging, thin glass, hetero integration, quantum, optical waveguides, hermetic sealing, fiber coupling. Henning Schröder, Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin, Germany

8/11, 6 pm, OEB/SCV YP, Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Home?, Zoom
The Red Dwarf Star Speaker Series is part of IEEE's Professional Development and Tech Innovation Conference (Rising Stars Conference). Financial literacy and current market trends.

8/13, 4:00 pm, SCV CS, NFIC '22 New Frontiers in Computing, Virtual Event
Half-day conference; emerging trends in Applied Data Science such as explainable AI for medical imaging informatics, ML for misinformation containment, Yolo4, AI for Precision Diagnosis, and more. Free.

9/1, 2:30 pm, SCV MAG, The Digital Universe and Technologies of Magnetic Data Storage, Hybrid Event/ Quadrant, 1120 Ringwood Ct., San Jose
The physical foundation of the digital universe is data storage; introduction of heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR), microwave assisted magnetic recording (MAMR), Shingled magnetic recording (SMR), Helium drive and multi-actuators drive. Free.

9/2, 12:00 noon, SFBA EDS, The LLNL Quantum Design and Integration Testbed, WebEx
The basics of quantum computing and how they achieve a speedup in computation; RF engineering, the material science, and the classical computer science that goes into developing the LLNL testbed.

9/11, 6:00 pm, SCV CS, Safety for Autonomous Vehicles and the IEEE P2851 Standard, Hybrid Event/ SCU
Self-driving cars, IEEE P2851, SOTIF, SoC, Safety critical systems, and more. Collocated with IEEE GHTC. The speakers include the chair of the working group on the standard, Jyotika Athavale from NVIDIA. Free.

9/15, 11:00 am, SFBA PELS, Power Electronics Hardware Design for Manufacturability, WebEx
Prototyping techniques, design automation software, team management tools; printed circuit board (PCB) design and vendor selection, production and design controls, and electro-mechanical integration.

9/21, 12:00 pm, SCV CTSoc, Endpoint AI Requires Innovative Solutions for Compute, Memory, and Power, Virtual Event
Recent algorithmic, architectural, and technological innovations that are converging to enable truly useful AI everywhere.

9/22, 11:30 am, OEB LMAG, EV Race China's Silk Road, Around the World in 80 Electric Days, Beeb's Sports Bar & Grill, 915 Clubhouse Dr, Livermore
A group of Electric Vehicle enthusiasts raced around the globe in 2016, recharging with local electric power only. The group crossed 20 countries in Europe, North America, and Asia, and covered 28,962 km (18,026 all-electric road miles). This is their story.

10/07, 8 am, SCV PES/IAS, Powering the Energy Revolution, Computer History Museum, Mountain View
Keynote from NASA Ames; Blockchain for the Grid; Microgrids; EV Load Management; Electrical Power Design Tools, and more

IEEE Engineering chapters, societies, and affinity groups in the SF Bay Area

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