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Your LinkedIn profile should be updated or tinkered with on a weekly basis if you want HR people to find you on a search. Add a comma, take out a space, whatever, just make a change and save it to trigger your resume to come up on a search as someone actively looking for work.

Highlight your accomplishments on your resume; don't just list the tasks you did at previous jobs. For instance, you need to say things like "Reduced production time by 30% by improving the flow on the manufacturing line." Quantify your accomplishments and how it helped the bottom line for the company.

Never turn down an interview, even if it is not a good fit, as it is an opportunity to network with someone who may know of another opportunity which is a better fit. Always be on the lookout for networking opportunities, as most jobs are found through networking.

When you do have an interview, and they ask what you weakness is, highlight what you did to overcome this weakness so it is now a positive, and demonstrate that you are willing to make necessary changes to enhance your own skillset, for the benefit of the company. People listen most to the first bit of what you say, and the last, and the middle section receives least attention. Structure your responses accordingly.


If you are currently unemployed and wish to seek employment in the eGrid, please email me your name, the work you are looking for (in a few words), your email address, and LinkedIn contact info. There is no charge for this service.

Seeking internship in the area of nanoparticles for breast cancer cell research. Currently doing research in this area with Professor Folarin Erogbogbo at SJSU. Pavitra Jain

Developer & Cloud DevOPS w/ 11 years Unix/Linux, 6 years Colloidal & Surface Chemistry, developing prototype MESH drone swam for pollution/bacteria & virus monitoring, Joschka-Joseph Anderso,