The San Francisco Bay Area Council of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
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Other Links


Other places to visit . . .
This will take you to the national IEEE site where news of IEEE activities worldwide is kept current.
The IEEE volunteer tools (vtools) site provides information on a wide range of tools to simplify the administration of sections and chapters by offering web-based software, such as L31 reporting.

IEEE Member Benefits
IEEE Member Benefits include a free subscription to the IEEE Spectrum, access to a library of publications and published papers, join a standards working group, join a chapter or society and have a positive impact on your career and industry, advance your career with networking opportunities, gain access to Collabratec for job seekers, and receive discounts on home, auto, travel, health, dental, and life insurance, as well as Dell, UPS, and UpCouncil legal services at IEEE Member Discount Services Benefits, and an opportunity to be part of a society which is changing the world.

IEEE Collabratec
Are you looking for work and are an IEEE member? Upload your resume and cover letter to IEEE Collabratec and complete your employment preferences. Review the more than 1,500 listed positions to find one which is right for you!
IEEE's Washington DC office where professionals keep in touch with our nation's government, and address such topics as age discrimination, movable pensions, professional development, and the like.
The San Francisco Bay Area Council is part of Region 6. Go here to find out what takes place in the Institute's largest Region.