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Officers Training

2020 Officer's Training at Michael's in Mountain View

Each year, Officer's Training (OT) is offered in January for incoming officers of chapters and societies within the San Francisco Bay Area Region. Previous training slides are provided.

IEEE Public Relations Training: Public Relations webinar.pdf. This webinar discussed the basics of applying public relations to promoting your conferences. This includes advertising the core message of the conference, connecting with the press, and engaging the audience through traditional media, social media, and thought leadership. The keynote speaker can help with the thought leadership. Focus on who is your audience and what should be conveyed. Make your message crisp; less verbiage can gain more attention. Public relations should begin months ahead of your event. Test the waters with the interest in your conference with a Call for Papers ad.

SFBAC Officer's Training occurred on January 25, 2020 at Michael's in Mountain View. The following are the slides from that training.


2020 Agenda.xlsx
01_OT2020_Plenary_Welcome Charles Mee.pptx
02_SFBAC OT 2020 Welcome Plenaryaka Enchilada, Entire Ed Aoki.pptx
03_The E-Grid.pptx
04_Overview of todays sessions.pptx
05_01-25-20 SCV Section Initiatives.pptx
06_OEB Section Initiatives.pptx
07_SF Section Activities 2019 .pptx
09_Chapter Secretary 2020 SFBAC OT Officer Training – Chapter Secretary.pptx
09a_SFBAC OT OUAnalytics Obtain Chapter Member Data Counts Grade OUAnalytics by Taylor SCV 2019.pptx
09b_SFBAC OT vTools Elections- Voting vTools by Taylor SCV 2019.pptx
09c_SFBAC OT vTools Events - How to Create, Search, Manage (L31) by Taylor SCV 2019.pptx
09d_SFBAC OT vTools Officer Reporting vTools by Taylor SCV 2019.pptx
09e_SFBAC OT vTools Officers Needs GeoCodes for Access 2020.xlsx
11_SFBAC.2020_SCV_Treasurer_Training - Edits.pptx
12_2020 SFBAC OT OEB & SF Treasurer Basics-Chambers -v2.pptx
13_01-25-20 4-3 Demonstrated Techniques for Chapter Success.pptx
15_2020 Ofc Training - Chapter Benefits of WordPress v2.pdf


2019 SFBAC Officer Training Agenda.pptx
The E-Grid.pptx
vTools Voting.pptx
SCV Awards Officer Training January 2019 RevB.ppt
IEEE PACE 2019 SCV Section Officer Training.pptx
Senior Member Elevation.pptx
Region Director message 2019.mp4
Officer Reporting.pptx
IEEE SCV YP Officer Training.pptx
Get Chapter Mem Cnts by Grade.pptx
Finding IEEE Resources.pptx
Events - Create Search & Manage.pptx
Cooperation and Teamwork.pptx
2019 SFBAC Training Introduction.pptx
2019 Section Training Berg-Milestones.pptx
2019 SCV Section Chapter Year-end Tasks.pptx
01-19-19 Demonstrated Techniques for Chapter Success.pdf

SFBAC Officer Training for both new and returning officers was on Saturday, January 27, 2018, from 8 am to 2 pm, at Michael's Restaurant in Mt. View. The following are slides are from that training.


0-SFBAC- Jan2018 Agenda ver.1.5.pdf
3-Wei-Central Area-SCV Section.pptx
5-senior member elevation presentation jan 27,2018.ppt
6-The E-Grid.pptx
RoomA1-vTools Overview.pptx
RoomA2-vTools Voting.pptx
RoomA3-vTools Officer Reporting.pptx
RoomA4-IEEE Event Finder.pptx
5 vTools Events.pptx
RoomA7-Friedman_Basics for Running a Good IEEE Chapter.pptx


vTools Training SFBAC 21 Jan 2017.pptx


SFBAC2016OfficerTrainingProgram.pdf RoomB9_45-2016 OT RSAC.pptx RoomB9_25-SFBAC 2016 Officers Training SAMIEEE-for Chapters.pptx RoomB9_25-SFBAC 2016 Officers Training SAMIEEE-for Chapters.mp4 RoomB9_00-IEEE SFBAC Training 1-16-16.pptx RoomB9_00-IEEE SFBAC Training 1-16-16.mp4 RoomB11_30-DeHopeCoughlin2016_recognitionA.pptx RoomB11_30-DeHopeCoughlin2016_recognitionA.mp4 RoomB11_15-RMITUA Community College OutreachOhlone2016 (3).pptx RoomB11_15-RMITUA Community College OutreachOhlone2016 (3).mp4 RoomB11_00-DeHope_PrecollegeOutreach_2016OfficerTrainingB.pptx RoomB11_00-DeHope_PrecollegeOutreach_2016OfficerTrainingB.mp4 RoomB10_45-CatherineNelson_HumanitarianService.pptx RoomB10_45-CatherineNelson_HumanitarianService.mp4 RoomB10_30-Corporate Liaison case study (ieee-wie-corporate) v2.pptx RoomB10_30-Corporate Liaison case study (ieee-wie-corporate) v2.mp4 RoomB10_05part2-IEEE SFBAC Officers Camtasia Training 1-23-2016.pptx RoomB10_05part2-IEEE SFBAC Officers Camtasia Training 1-23-2016.mp4 RoomB10_05part1-MicSetup_151002c.pptx RoomA9_55part3-NetSuite Processes - 2016 Feedback.pptx RoomA9_55part3-NetSuite Processes - 2016 Feedback.mp4 RoomA9_55part2-Getting $$ into your CBRS Account-RevC.pptx RoomA9_55part2-Getting $$ into your CBRS Account-RevC.mp4 RoomA9_55part1-OU Treasurer Roles and Requirements - Ed Aoki.pptx RoomA9_55part1-OU Treasurer Roles and Requirements - Ed Aoki.mp4 RoomA9_45-The E-Grid.pptx RoomA9_45-The E-Grid.mp4 RoomA9_00-DeHope_BillsBasics_2016OffcrTrngA.pptx RoomA9_00-DeHope_BillsBasics_2016OffcrTrngA.mp4 RoomA11_20part2-membership_benefits_student_2016.pptx RoomA11_20part1-membership_benefits_professional_2016.pptx RoomA11_20-membership_benefits_professional_2016.mp4 RoomA11_00-Chapter communications - Webpages and Social Media.pptx RoomA11_00-Chapter communications - Webpages and Social Media.mp4 RoomA10_50-Voting_v1.pptx RoomA10_50-Voting_v1.mp4 RoomA10_40_Meetings_v1.mp4 RoomA10_40-Meetings_v1.pptx RoomA10_30-SFBAC 2016 Officers Training SAMIEEE.pptx RoomA10_30-SFBAC 2016 Officers Training SAMIEEE.mp4 Mainroom8_45-Overview of Todays TalksA.mp4 Mainroom8_45-Overview of Todays Talks-Ed A.pptx Mainroom8_25-DeHopePlenary_FindingYourWaySFBACintro_2016OffcrTrngCamtasia.pptx Mainroom11_40-2016_Region_6_Award_Nomination_Form.docx Mainroom11_40-2016 Nomination _ Awards program introduction for SFBAC.mp4 Mainroom11_40-2016 Nomination & Awards program introduction for SFBAC.pptx How2BsessionChair2016.rtf

For training courses older than 2016, please go to Older Officer's Training Courses.