The San Francisco Bay Area Council of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
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SF Bay Area Council Officers

The Bay Area Council (BAC) is a group of three hard-working volunteers who operate the three IEEE sections of the San Francisco Bay Area, which are Santa Clara Valley (SCV), San Francisco (SF), and Oakland East Bay (OEB). A delegate is selected from each section to be a council member. One of their many duties include hosting the annual officer's training each January, which is funded by the eGrid, which is owned by the BAC.

Ed Aoki, SCV delegate, and Charles Mee, SF delegate.

  The 2019 Officers are:

  Chair: SF-Section Delegate: Charles Mee,
  Treasurer: OEB-Section Delegate: Bill DeHope,
  Secretary: SCV-Section Delegate: Ed Aoki,

A smiling Bill DeHope, current OEB delegate with former SF Delegate Ted Garbinski.

  The BAC owns the eGrid, which funds the BAC programs. The eGrid newsletter is emailed out twice a month, plus is online all the time at The eGrid features upcoming meetings, conferences, and classes. To subscribe, please email with your name and email, and if you are an IEEE member or not. You can also receive a text version of the eGrid for smaller file sizes.

  The editor of the e-Grid is:

  Sandra Winkler
  Editor, e-Grid Newsletter, and Webmaster /Communications Director:
  PO Box 2110
  Cupertino, CA 95015-2114 USA
  Tel 1-650-299-9365