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The AP/MTT/EMC Chapter of the Syracuse Section of the IEEE


Welcome to the AP/MTT/EMC Chapter of Central New York

All engineering professionals are welcome to join us and attend our events.  Many of our events are also open to the public.

Upcoming Seminars:

Live Webinar
MIL-STD-461G Highlights and Under-the-Radar Subtleties

Sponsored by IEEE AP/MTT/EMC Society Syracuse Chapter

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020


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Online Webinar



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Who we are:

IEEE is the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

It is one of the largest professional associations in the world.

It is composed of various societies including the three associated with this page.

The Antennas and Propagation Society

The Microwave Theory and Techniques Society

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Society

We have formed a local Syracuse Chapter that represents these societies in the Central New York Area.



Chapter Officers:

 Chair: Michael Enders, Ph.D.

Vice Chair, APs: Greg Kliss        Vice Chair, MTTs: Hakan Partal, Ph.D.        Vice Chair, EMCs: Mary Taylor, Ph.D.


Future Events:

We are working on planned presentations for 2020. Please check back within a few weeks to check on updates.

Past Events:

Phased Arrays with Cubic Phase Distribution and Non-Diffracting Beams - Prof. Pat V. Parimi
October 24th, 2018

Sheraton SU Hotel, Syracuse, NY

5G mmWave 1024-QAM Gigabit Transceivers with Digitally-enabled 'Smart' Functions - Prof. Tian-Wei Huang
September 7th, 2017

Syracuse University, NY

Changes to MIL-STD-461G & Military Control of EM Interference - Mr. Ken Javor
June 20th, 2017

DoubleTree Hotel, East Syracuse, NY

Antenna Workshop - Current Innovations in Wireless - Various Speakers
September 30th, 2015

Sheraton SU Hotel, Syracuse, NY

Review of Recently Proposed MIL-STD-461G CS117 & History of DO160 Section 22 Requirements - Mr. Lou Feudi
June 24, 2015

ITT Technical Institute, Liverpool, NY

Interpolation/Extrapolation of Radar Cross-Section (RCS) Data in the Frequency Domain Using the Cauchy Method - Prof. Tapan K. Sarkar
April 17, 2015

Syracuse University, NY

Radiated Emissions/Immunity of the NASA/Orion Mars/Moon Capsule - Dr. John Norgard
December 11, 2014

Syracuse University, NY

Implantable Wireless Medical Devices and Systems - Dr. J. C. Chiao
December 4, 2014

Syracuse University, NY

Microwave over Fiber: Applications and Performance - Mr. John MacDonald
October 23, 2014

Syracuse University, NY

Characterization of Space Shuttle Ascent Debris Based on Radar Scattering and Ballistic Properties - Evolution of the NASA Debris Radar (NDR) System - Dr. Brian M. Kent
September 24, 2014

Syracuse University, NY

RF Energy Harvesting - Dr. Hakan P. Partal
August 6, 2014

Syracuse University, NY

Microwave and Millimeter Wave Power Amplifiers: Technology, Applications, Benchmarks, and Future Trends - Dr. James J. Komiak
April 11, 2014

Syracuse University, NY

Advanced Metamaterials and Antennas for Next Gen Wireless Communication and Radar Systems - Dr. Pat V. Parimi
March 26, 2014

Syracuse University, NY

Thoughts on Finite Phased Array Characterization - Mark Povinelli
February 21, 2014

Syracuse University, NY

Wideband Dually Polorized Microstrip Air Patch Antennas and Dielectric Resonator Antennas - Prof. Ahmed Kishk
November 14, 2013

Syracuse University, NY

CEM Algorithms for EMC/EMI Modeling: Electrically Large and Small Problems - Prof. Jin-Fa Lee
November 13, 2013

Syracuse University, NY

Linearizing High Power Amplifier with Emphasis on GaN - Prof. Allen Katz
October 29, 2013

Syracuse University, NY

Automated EMC Design Rule Checking: Past, Present and Future - Sam Connor
October 2, 2013

Syracuse University, NY

Smart Grid Communications - Various Speakers
August 9, 2013

Syracuse University, NY

Computational Electromagnetics in the Frequency Domain - Dr. Roberto D. Graglia
July 1, 2013

Syracuse University, NY

2nd Annual Antennas and Propagation Mini Symposium - Various Speakers
June 19, 2013

Syracuse University, NY

An Exposition on The Choice of The Proper S-Parameters in Characterizing Devices Including Transmission Lines With Complex Reference Impedances and a General Methodology To Compute Them - Prof. Tapan K. Sarkar
May 30, 2013

Syracuse University, NY

Electromagnetic Macro Modeling of Propagation in Mobile Wireless Communication: Theory and Experiment - Walid M. Diab
April 30, 2013

Syracuse University, NY

Spiral Antenna Design Considerations - Tom Lam
March 27, 2013

Syracuse University, NY

The Life of James Clerk Maxwell - Dr. James Rautio
February 12, 2013

Syracuse University, NY

Pulse Propagation Through Dispersive Material: From the Beginning - Dr. Natalie Cartwright
November 27, 2012

Syracuse University, NY

Dividing less and conquering more in the design of mixer RFIC's - Dr. Carlos Saavedra
November 15, 2012

Syracuse University, NY

Development of the Dielectric Resonator Antenna - Dr. Kwok Wa Leung
November 8, 2012

Syracuse University, NY

Designing for Power Integrity: Status, Challenges and Opportunities - Dr. Madhavan Swaminathan
October 15, 2012

Syracuse University, NY

Microwave Passive Circuits - Graduate Student Project Presentations - Various speakers
August 8, 2012

Syracuse University, NY

2012 IEEE International Conference on Ultra-Wideband
September 17 - 20, 2012
Syracuse, NY

Antennas and Propagation Mini Symposium - Various speakers
June 27, 2012
Syracuse University, NY

Efficient Shaped Beam Synthesis in Phased Arrays and Reflectors - Dr. Arun Bhattacharyya
June 1, 2012
Syracuse University, NY

Spherical Near-Field Scanning with Higher Order Probes - Dr. Thorkild Hansen
April 26, 2012
Syracuse University, NY

Aetherial Waves Make History: The four scientists who saved James Clerk Maxwell's theories - Dr. James Rautio
April 5, 2012
Syracuse University, NY

Engineering/Technology Social Hour! - 2012 KickOff Event
February 23, 2012
Syracuse University, NY

Electromagnetic Macro-Modeling: An Overview of Current Successes and Future Opportunities - Prof. Dr. Andreas Cangellaris
November 9, 2011
Syracuse University, NY

Tutorial on Modern Ultra Low Noise Microwave Transistor Oscillator Design - Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rohde
September 15, 2011
Syracuse University, NY

Solutions of Extremely Large Integral Equations and Their Applications: Computational Electromagnetics and Parallel Computing - Prof. Dr. Levent Gurel
July 1, 2011
Syracuse University, NY


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Please contact the IEEE AP/MTT/EMC Syracuse Chapter Chair Michael Enders for more information.

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