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IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Technical Activities

CE Society, Bangalore

2013 Distinguished Lecture by Joe Decuir

The IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, in cooperation with DESE, IISc, announces the first 2013 IEEE CE Distinguished Lecture, by Joe Decuir, Vice Chair, Bluetooth Architectural Review Board, and Standards Architect, CSR, on March 21st, 2013.

Title: "Smart connectivity in consumer devices: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Standard and Its Applications"

Speaker: Joe Decuir, Vice Chair, Bluetooth Architectural Review Board

Venue: Department of Electronic Systems Engineering (DESE) Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (Route map)

Date: March 21, 2013

Time: 4 PM - 6 PM

Light refreshments will be served before the talk.

About the Lecture

Bluetooth has been reinvented! Bluetooth 4.0, also known as “Bluetooth Smart”, will enable many new applications that require a radio that is simple, secure and everywhere. Simple: much less so than traditional Bluetooth or Zigbee. Secure: AES-128 encryption. Everywhere: the current estimate is that 370 million smart phones were sold “Smart Ready” in 2012. In this interactive lecture, details of the new standard, and applications in low energy consuming smart devices will be discussed.

Profile of the speaker:

Joe Decuir has worked in the development of public engineering standards since 1987, including TIA, ITU, ETSI, IEEE 802, USB-IF, Bluetooth SIG and WiMedia Alliance. Joe Decuir has EECS degrees from UC Berkeley. Joe Decuir helped bring video games and personal computers home in the 1970s – 1980s. He advanced wired connectivity through the 1990s, editing over a dozen international communications standards. His career includes Atari, Amiga, Everex and Microsoft, and is currently the Standards Architect at CSR. He has more than 10 patents. He has served for 9 years as the Seattle Chapter chair of the IEEE Communications Society, and is a Distinguished Lecturer, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society. He currently serves as the Treasurer of the IEEE Seattle Section, and is actively involved in the standardisation of Bluetooth 4.0, as the Vice-chair of the Bluetooth Architectural Review Board.

NOTE: Registrations are now closed.

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