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Welcome to the Home Page of IEEE Communication Society, Kolkata Chapter

The ComSoc chapter of IEEE Kolkata section is 11 years old, formed in 13 Oct 2003 and actively engaged with various activities like DLT, Technical Lectures and Workshop etc. The Geo code of this chapter is CH10300. Through the different technical activities of this chapter- engineering students, researchers, academicians, industry employers are benefited immensely and got the opportunity to closely interact with each other.

The Annual General Meeting of the ComSoc Chapter of IEEE Kolkata Section was held on January 15, 2018 at The Lalit Great Eastern 1,2,3 Old Court House Street, Dalhousie Square, Kolkata 700 069

The Annual Report is available for download. Download Annual Report.pdf 

IEEE ComSoc Kolkata Chapter is the Winner of the 2016 Chapter Achievement Award in Asia Pacific Region.

ComSoC Members with the CAA Plaque in IEEE AGM, 2016

Published Article of CAA Award as awarded to IEEE ComSoc Kolkata Chapter

IEEE Communications Society (COMSOC) Calcutta Chapter from the Asia Pacific (AP) Region is one among the four COMSOC chapters which has been selected as a winner for 2010 Communications Society Chapter Achievement Award (CAA 2010) by the COMSOC HQ.This Chapter has also won the 2008 CHAPTRE-OF-THE-YEAR (COY) Award of the IEEE ComSoc. This is not a small achievement as the winner was chosen from among all ComSoc chapters worldwide. For this accomplishment, the then chair Prof. Debashis Saha attended IEEE GLOBECOM in New Orleans and was honored during the Awards Luncheon ceremony.

ComSoC Members in IEEE AGM, 2015

ComSoc Members in the Executive Committee Meeting, 2015

Since its inception in 2003, this is the fourth time that Calcutta Chapter won CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD (CAA). Previously, it had won the CAA award in 2005 and 2008 also. For details click here


Highlights of Recent Activities by the Chapter

A. Distinguished Lecturer Tour : DLT 2014-2015

1. Smart Body Sensor Object Networking - April 28, 2015

DLT Speaker: Dr. Bhumip Khasnabish (Senior director in the Strategy Planning and Standards Development Department of ZTE (TX) Inc., USA)

Theme of presentation: Dr. Bhumip Khasnabish introduces Smart Body Sensor Objects (SBSOs) including their Networking and Internetworking. A few use cases including the relevant privacy and protocol requirements are discussed. General usage and deployment etiquette along with the relevant Regulatory implications are then pointed out.

For details click here

Prof. and HOD Iti Saha Misra introducing the Speaker

Ongoing Lecture Session

2. Towards an Intelligent and ubiquitous Healthcare Infrastructure: Challenges and Trends - March 15, 2014

Prof. Pradeep Kumar Ray (Director WHO Collaborating Centre on eHealth, Asia Pacific Ubiquitous Healthcare Research Centre (APuHC), University of New South Wales, Australia)

Theme of presentation: The importance of intelligent and ubiquitous healthcare along with its latest trends, challenges and research scope is discussed.

Participants : 104, (IEEE members :10, IEEE Student Members :25); For details click here

Audience of the DLT

Interactive session with Prof. Pradeep K Ray

B. IEEE Technical Lecture Series 2014-15

1. (a) Grid, Cloud, Fog and Beyond , (b) Security and Privacy in IoT - August 29, 2014

Speaker: Dr. Arijit Mukherjee and Dr. Arijit Ukil (TCS Innovation Lab, Kolkata, India)

Theme of presentation: In this talk, the concepts of Big Data, the history of the Grid and Cloud and the rise of Fog computing as a new paradigm along with the description of IoT data privacy problem, its impact and current solution on privacy preservation of smart energy management systems have been covered.

Participants : 50, UG and PG students, Research scholars ; For details click here

Dr. Arijit Mukherjee delivering his lecture

2. An Indian satellite for Navigation Application - May 13, 2014

Speaker: Tosicul Wara (Scientist-SF, Project Manager, IRNSS Checkout System, ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore, India)

Theme of presentation: Most of communication and microwave specialization students have participated the lecture meeting. It was very much beneficial for the students to get the real picture of satellite communication in Indian Scenarios.

Participants : 40 UG and PG Engineering Students, 5 Research Scholars, 4 Faculties (IEEE members :10);For details click here

Mr. Tosikul Wara of ISRO delivering his lecture

Participants in the Programme

C. Workshops and Events

1. 3-Day Workshop on Introduction to Android Operating System for Touch Screen Smart Phones - June 11-13, 2014

Speaker: Mr. Dipanjan Biswas (SkyBits, Kolkata)

There was a wonderful program for the 3-day workshop on the topic of “Introduction to Android Operating Systems for Touch Screen Smart Phones” for the undergraduate students of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering in the midst of summer vacation, under the auspices of TEQIP Phase –II of Jadavpur University. Being the coordinator of the workshop and the Chairperson of the IEEE ComSoc Chapter, Prof. Iti Saha Misra delivered the welcome address for the program highlighting the need of such type of program. Dean, FET and also the TEQIP-Coordiantor, Prof. Shivaji Bandhyppadhyay inaugurated the programme. He delivered a speech for the students highlighting the importance of such program and the various beneficial activities of TEQIP-II.

For details click here

ComSoc Chair Prof. Iti Saha Misra speaking about the program objective for the participants

Prof. Shivaji Bandhyopadhyay, Dean, FET, Prof. S.K. Sanyal, Chairman IEEE CAS and Prof. Iti Saha Misra, HoD ETCE and Workshop Co-ordiantor at the Inaugural Session

2. Convolution-2014: Algomaniac event - February 14-15, 2014

It was one of the major event under Convolution-2014, organized by the students of Electrical Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata during 14-15 Feb 2014. ALGOMANIAC were sponsored by IEEE COMSOC, Kolkata Chapter.

Winners accepting the certificate and prize from ComSoc Execom Member Prof. Madhubanti Maitro, EE Department

For Complete Details on the Activities of IEEE ComSoc Kolkata Chapter, click here

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