INDICON has been the most prestigious conference conceptualized by IEEE India Council in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Electronics and Communication Engineering, in general.

This has been a metamorphic version of Annual Convention and Exhibitions (ACE) which was the annual meeting of IEEE India Council.

During ACE2003 it was decided to completely restructure it in form of a conference where India Council would formally meet also. It was renamed as INDICON and the first INDICON was organized by IEEE Kharagpur Section at IIT Kharagpur during 20-22 Dec, 2004.

Subsequently INDICON were organized by IEEE Madras Section (11-13 Dec, 2005), IEEE Delhi Section (15-17 Sep, 2006), Bangalore Section (6-8 Sep, 2007), IEEE UP Section (11-13 Dec, 2008) and IEEE Gujarat Section (18-20 Dec, 2009).

This year IEEE INDICON 2010 is being organized by IEEE Calcutta Section at Kolkata during December 17-19 2010.This program is dedicated to the great Scientists Sir J C Bose and Sir C V Raman whose contribution will be recognized by IEEE.

IEEE's core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. Impact of Industrialization on the environment is a major global concern. The exponential growth in computers, communication, IT and energy industry by and large is a potential threat to the environment presently. Combating these issues and adopting environmentally sound practices are the challenges of the world. Green awareness and suitable design approaches to achieve Green Computing, Green Communication and Green Energy are the focus of this conference. Advances in Nano Bio Neuro-science and Photonic Engineering are included in the focal theme to assess their potential as next generation-energy efficient environment friendly technology.





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