IEEE APS Nagoya Chapter

IEEE AP Society Nagoya Chapter and MTT Society Nagoya Chapter Student Award について

春と秋に開催される学生発表会 (Midland Student Express) では、優秀な発表に対して IEEE AP Society Nagoya Chapter and MTT Society Nagoya Chapter Student Award が授与されます。
Student Award 選奨規程

Midland Student Express 2019 Autumn 受賞者

Tasuku Endo (University of Fukui),
Estimation of DOA and No. of waves using periodical stationarity in OFDM

Ryoya Honda (Toyohashi University of Technology),
Center-Fed Composite Right- and Left -Handed Capacitive Coupling Electrified Roadway for Acceleration Enhancement in Mini 4WD Drag Race Held at Pacifico Yokohama 2019

Midland Student Express 2019 Spring 受賞者

Taiga Katsu (Nagoya Institute of Technology),
A Study on Line-of-Sight MIMO Communication Using Orbital Angular Momentum

Ryohei Yamaguchi (Nagoya Institute of Technology),
Delta-Doping Effect in Normally-off GaN-cap/AlGaN/GaN HEMT on Electrical Properties

Midland Student Express 2018 Autumn 受賞者

Yuhji Nakada (Shizuoka University),
Debye Parameter Extraction of Breast Tissue and Proposal of Novel Tumor Marker

Ayano Mikunide (Fukui University),
Specific Area Communication System using Virtual Linear Array

Midland Student Express 2018 Spring 受賞者

Shota Ino (Nagoya Institute of Technology),
Input Angle Independent Frequency Selective Surface for Low Reflection Characteristic of Multi-layer Dielectric Plate

Tomoya Osaki (Shizuoka University),
Microwave Mammography Using Bilateral Symmetry of Breast Tissue

Shinji Nimura (Toyohashi University of Technology),
Matching Method for Cavity Resonance enabled WPT utilizing the Monopole probe with the Variable Reactance Circuit

Tatsuya Morita (Toyohashi University of Technology),
Integrated Structure of Filter and Element in Array Antenna for 5th Generation

Midland Student Express 2017 Autumn 受賞者

Hirofumi Segawa (Kanazawa University),
Visualization of electromagnetic waves using Mixed Reality technique

Yamawaki Yuichi (Nagoya Institute of Technology),
A Study of Reduction of SAR for Wireless Power Transfer of Visual Prosthesis Using Shielded Loop