1999 Events archive

February 4th

Annual Awards

The IEEE Queensland Section chair, Dr. Mohammed Deriche, invited past and newly elected chapter members to a presentation of IEEE plaques to past section committee members to recognise their contributions. The awards dinner was held at Valentines Restaurant in Kenmore.

Plaques were presented to:

  • Prof. M. Darveniza, Chair, 1997
  • Mr. Simon Ellis, Chair, 1995 – 1996
  • Mr. Andrew West, Secretary, 1995 – 1996
  • Dr. Tapan K. Saha, Secretary, 1997

Also at the meeting it was announced that IEEE had approved the formation of the Control Systems/Robotics and Automation Societies Joint Chapter. The IEEE Queensland Section members present at the awards dinner congratulated Dr. Ljubo Vlacic on the formation of the chapter. Dr. Vlacic will be the new chapter chair.

March 12th

Control Systems/Robotics and Automation Societies Joint Chapter

The Control Systems/Robotics and Automation Societies Joint Chapter was officially formed on this day. The inaugural meeting was held on May 25th at 5:30pm at Griffith University, Nathan Campus, Bray Centre, Room 2.06.

It was decided that a thematic lecture series would be the core activity for future chapter meetings. To start with, the next meeting would focus on the projects that are currently undertaken by the chapter members at their host institutions. The meeting would be supported by video-conference facilities at two sites, Griffith University Multimedia Centre in Brisbane and the Central Queensland University in Rockhampton. All IEEE Queensland Section members were invited to participate and share in this unique opportunity.

The 1999 Chapter officers holders were:

  • Chair: Dr. Ljubo Vlacic, Head of School, School of Microelectronic Engineering, Griffith University, Brisbane
  • Secretary: Associate Professor Xinghuo Yu, Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Informatics and Communications, Central Queensland University, Rockhampton
  • Treasurer: Dr. Joaquin Sitte, School of Computing Science, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

The IEEE document confirming the foundation of the Control Systems/Robotics and Automation Societies Joint Chapter is located here.

July 8th

Career Development Workshop

Date: Thursday 8th July 1999 / 3 - 5 pm
Venue: QUT Gardens Point Campus, S Block Room 410
Presenters: Andrew Farrington, Al Sheen, & Tanya Felton (Morgan & Banks)
Presentation Subject: Career Management in the Engineering and IT Markets
Presentation Style: It is planned to have a combination of a formal presentation and interactive discussion throughout the session.

Key Areas to be addressed during presentation:

Current overview of engineering and IT employment markets including industry projections of short term future direction.
Overview of general current and future employment trends.
Insights into successful methods for individuals to manage own career development.
Developing an understanding of individual's own personal and professional career drivers.
Interactive discussion regarding career related topics that are of interest to the audience.

Biography of Presenters:

Andrew Farrington has a long term industrial experience before joining Morgan & Banks. Andrew joined Morgan & Banks, Sydney in December 1997 as the Team Leader managing the consumer sales and marketing business. During this time he has successfully placed senior and middle managers in roles in general management, sales, marketing and category management.In December 1998, Andrew took up the opportunity to return to Queensland in the capacity of team leader managing the sales, marketing and technical team. He looks forward to further developing Morgan & Banks' strong presence in the Queensland marketplace, and working with industry to attract and retain the nation's top management talent.

Al Sheen has an engineering and business management background. His experience has covered industries ranging from Defence, Engineering, Physical Sciences, Property, Service and non-professional services. In his role as Senior Consultant in the Technical Recruitment team, Al recruits exclusively for technically based roles specialising in the Engineering, Manufacturing and Logistics industries. His extensive business and human resource management background forms a solid basis for providing executive recruitment services to the technical industries.

Tanya Felton has a Computing background, and has been involved in the Information Technology Industry for almost 15 years. During her career, she has worked in roles ranging from technical roles such as Programmer and Systems Administrator through to the more business oriented roles of Business Analyst, State MIS Co-ordinator, Clinical Software Specialist, Project Manager to Account Manager. Tanya currently participates in the 'Women in IT' network. She is experienced in developing business relationships and has had many opportunities to present in public forums and prepare training sessions and customer presentations. Tanya has developed networks in the health care industry with hospitals, government, health corporations, IT vendor companies, Queensland Health and other relevant players.Tanya has recently joined Morgan & Banks specialising in the recruitment of IT specialists.

August 22nd-25th

ISSPA '99 - International Symposium on Signal Processing and Applications

The fifth International Symposium on Signal Processing and Applications was held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. The conference was attended by more than 200 people.

organiser, Signal Processing Research Centre, Queensland University of Technology ; [editors: M.Deriche, B. Boashash, W.W.Boles]. Under construction

A summary of the conference proceedings is available here.

August 23rd

IEEE Distinguished Lecture Series in Multimedia Communications and Speech Recognition

Distinguished Lecture 1

Title: Advances and challenges in speech, audio and acoustics processing for multimedia communications
Date: Monday 23 August 1999 / 8:45am
Venue: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane
Speaker: Dr. B. H. Juang, Bell Labs, USA
Cost: IEEE Members: $20, Non-members: $30

Abstract: Telecommunication in recent years is experiencing a revolution in progress. The advent of Internet and its exponentially rapid growth has triggered an entirely new thinking in terms of the means to achieve communication. The old paradigm of telephony has been shifted or broadened to video conferencing, distance learning, and remote collaboration and access to multimedia databases, offering both flexibility and richness in media content, handling and management. While significant contributions to this bright new world of telecommunication come from infrastructure technologies such as switches, routers and optical networks, equally important, if not more so, is the advance in various signal processing areas which form the drivers of the new paradigm. These include high quality acoustics, audio processing & distribution, speech recognition, biometric authentication and signal synthesis. Systems that integrate these technologies will further bring us mobility, convenience and functionality that will drive the need of communication bandwidth and quality in the future.
In this talk, Dr.Juang will summarise advances made during the last few years in these signal processing technical areas and highlight challenges ahead of us that need to be overcome to realise the ultimate dream of a multimedia era.

Biography: Dr. Juang is a Fellow of the IEEE and is currently the Head, Acoustics & Speech Research Department, Multimedia Communications Research Laboratory, Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories. He has been with Bell Labs since 1982. Research activities at Bell Labs have covered a wide range of communication related research activities from speech coding and speech recognition to multimedia communication. Prior research areas covered vocal tract modelling and signal and speech related topics. Dr. Juang has published extensively and holds numerous patents in the area of speech communication and communication services. He co-authored the book: Fundamentals of Speech Recognition. Dr. Juang currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing and also serves as an associate editor for several publications. The Signal Processing Society awarded him the Senior Paper Award (1993-1994) and the Signal Processing Magazine Award (1994). In 1997, he received the Bell Labs resident's Gold Award for leading the effort in automatic speech recognition.

Distinguished Lecture 2

Title: New Directions in Automatic Speech Recognition: A Communication Perspective Date: Wednesday 25 August 1999 / 8:45am Venue: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane Speaker: Dr. B. S. Atal, AT&T Labs, Florham Park, NJ USA Cost: IEEE Members: $20, Non-members: $30

Abstract: The possibility of automatic speech recognition on computers has fuelled dreams for many years. Indeed, automatic speech recognition holds great promise if the spoken words can be recognised correctly by machines in fluent speech. We are not there yet but the field of automatic speech recognition has made great strides. In this talk, we will review the current state-of-the-art in automatic speech recognition and point to the new directions that research in this field must explore to continue this progress.

Statistical modelling of speech using utterances spoken by many speakers in a variety of environments has been important in achieving the progress that has been realised so far. But on the negative side, the statistical modelling approach has led to solutions that are narrow and do not generalise. The statistical approach, although fruitful in the early development of the technology, is now a hindrance as we become much more ambitious in seeking solutions to bigger problems.

In this talk, Dr. Atal will take a fresh look at the problem of automatic speech recognition, not as a problem in statistical modelling, but as problem in voice communication where the goal is to recognise every spoken word correctly and will discuss the fundamental underpinnings of this new approach.

Biography: Bishnu S. Atal is a Technology Director at the AT&T Shannon Labs, Florham Park, New Jersey, where he is engaged in research in speech coding and in automatic speech recognition. Bishnu S. Atal joined AT&T Labs in January 1997. Previously he was the Head of the Acoustics and Audio Communication Research Department at Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, N.J. He had been with Bell Laboratories since 1961 and his research there has covered a wide range of topics in acoustics and speech processing. His pioneering work in linear predictive coding of speech established linear prediction as one of the most important speech analysis techniques leading to many applications in coding, recognition and synthesis of speech. He was made a Bell Laboratories Fellow in 1994 and an AT&T Fellow in 1997. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1987, and to the National Academy of Sciences in 1993. He is a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America and the IEEE. He received the IEEE Signal Processing Society Award in 1993 for contributions to linear prediction of speech, multipulse and code-excited source coding and the 1975 IEEE ASSP Society Technical Achievement Award for fundamental contributions to linear predictive coding of speech signals. He is the recipient of the IEEE Centennial Medal in 1984 and the IEEE Morris N. Liebmann Memorial Field Award in 1986 for his pioneering contributions to linear predictive coding for speech processing. He received the 1994 Thomas Edison Patent Award from the R&D Council of New Jersey.

September 28th

ICON'99 - The IEEE International Conference on Networks

The first International Conference on Networks was sponsored by the Computer Society Chapter, IEEE Singapore Section and co-sponsored by the Computer Society Chapter, IEEE Queensland Section. The conference was organised by the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, The University of Queensland, Brisbane. It was held at The University of Queensland, Brisbane from September 28th to October 1st.

ICON'99 provided a forum to discuss the most recent advances in computer networks and communications. Two days of tutorials and two days of technical presentations were planned for the conference. The conference also included invited speakers, exhibitions and poster presentations.

The organising committee was:

  • Conference Chair: Jadwiga Indulska, The University of Queensland
  • Technical Program Co-chairs: Aruna Seneviratne, Sydney University of Technology; and Jadwiga Indulska, The University of Queensland
  • Tutorial Chair: Marian Majewski, The University of Queensland
  • Finance Chair: David Carrington, The University of Queensland
  • Local Arrangements Chair: Brian Lovell, The University of Queensland
  • Publicity Chair: Weiping Zhu, The University of Queensland
  • International Liaison Chair: Sri Parameswaran, The University of Queensland

A summary of the conference proceedings is available here.

A conference proceedings brochure is available here.

October 14th

Career Development Seminar

Title: Managing Your High Tech Career into the New Millennium
Date: Thursday 14 October 1999 / 3 - 5pm
Venue: Room Z304 - Z Block, Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point Campus, 2 George Street, Brisbane
Speaker: Dr. Sharon Crozier, Visiting scholar from the University of Calgary - Canada
Cost: Symbolic fees of $2 per participant to cover the refreshment cost. Refreshments will be available after the presentation.

Abstract: Organizations are struggling to meet the challenges of increasing technology, globalization of economies, changing social demands. Job security is no longer “really” available to workers. In the new millennium we each need to manage our own careers. The presentation will help you to understand these changing times and how to use the new conditions organizations must cope with to your advantage, especially in the engineering and IT sector. It will give you tools to manage your career and to present yourself effectively to prospective employers whether for full time or contract employment.

Biography: Dr. Sharon Crozier is currently on Professional Leave for 1999/2000 and is a Visiting Scholar at Queensland University of Technology, in Brisbane. Dr. Crozier is Career Development Coordinator and Senior Counsellor at the Counselling and Student Development Centre at the University of Calgary. Dr. Crozier is a Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association and past President of the Canadian Counselling Association Career Development Chapter. Dr. Crozier has presented extensively at conferences both nationally and internationally on topics such as career management, career futures and effective job search strategies.

November 11th

Education Meets Industry Forum

Title: Education meets Industry in Computing '99
Date: Thursday 11 November 1999
Time: 5:30 PM to start 6:00 PM
Venue: Griffith University, Nathan Campus, Central Theatre 2 (CTN2)

The IEEE Computer Society invited academics and industry representatives to participate in the forum “Education meets Industry in Computing '99”. The forum considered how well (or not so well) university graduates were prepared for the industries that employed them.

The forum started with a panel discussion involving invited guests from industry and local universities (approx 45 min), and was followed by audience input and participation (approx 45 min). Wine and pizza bites were served.

November 18th

Annual General Meeting

The 1999 IEEE Queensland Section Annual General Meeting was held on November 18th at QUT S-block Room 10.18 starting at 6:00pm. A dinner was held at Valentines restaurant in Kenmore following the meeting.

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