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Queensland Section Office Holders archive

Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society


Chair Start Finish
Robert Ellen18th June 200831st December 2009
Peter Lindsay1st January 201031st December 2011
Garry Einicke1st January 201231st December 2013
Steve Ashfield1st January 201431st December 2014
Robert Kennedy 1st January 2015


Vice-chair Start Finish
Peter Lindsay 1st January 2009 31st December 2009
Garry Einicke 1st January 2010 31st December 2010
John Davies 1st January 2011 31st December 2012
Steve Ash eld 1st January 2013 31st December 2013
John Davies 1st January 2014 31st December 2014


Secretary Start Finish
Checking dates 2008 - 2014 with the minutes
18th June 200831st December 2008
1st January 200931st December 2009
1st January 201031st December 2010
1st January 201131st December 2011
1st January 201231st December 2012
1st January 201331st December 2013
Robert Kennedy1st Jan 2014
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