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Queensland Section Office Holders archive

Section Chairs

Chair Start Finish
David Thiel22nd February 198516th September 1985
Miles Moody17th September 198531st October 1987
Mat Darveniza1st November 198731st December 1989
Neil W. Bergmann1st January 199030th June 1991
Ross A. Lawson1st July 199130th September 1992
Robert J. Prandolini1st October 199230th September 1994
Simon J. Ellis1st October 199431st December 1996
Mat Darveniza1st January 199731st December 1997
Mohamed Deriche1st January 199831st December 2000
Edward W. Palmer1st January 200131st December 2002
Peter R. Sutton1st January 200331st December 2003
Renate Sitte1st January 200431st May 2005
Tapan K. Saha1st June 200531st December 2006
Ian V. Clarkson1st January 200731st December 2008
Abbas Bigdeli1st January 200931st December 2010
Roelof Swanepoel1st January 201131st December 2011
Abbas Bigdeli1st January 201231st December 2012
Tapan K. Saha1st January 2013
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