Membership Elevation

Member to Senior Member

If you are a Member of the IEEE with ten years or more of professional practice and at least five years of significant performance during those years (as defined here), then the Queensland Section encourages you to consider applying to elevate your membership to Senior Member level, and enjoy the recognition that this status confers.

We can nominate you!

Normally, applications must be supported by three references from current Senior Members, Fellows or Honorary members. However, for the past few years the IEEE has been running the Nominate a Senior Member program. Through this initiative the Queensland Section can nominate members for elevation, and the nomination takes the place of one of the three references that would otherwise be required. The Queensland Section would be very pleased to help its members achieve Senior Member status through this initiative.

If you would like to be considered for nomination please download an application form, then send it and your CV to the Queensland Section Vice-chair. Your request will be considered at the next monthly meeting of the Queensland Section executive committee and you will be contacted shortly thereafter.

Finding Referees

The Queensland Section executive committee is aware that one of the biggest hurdles for many members in applying for elevation to Senior Member status is to find suitably qualified referees. It is not always easy to know who, among your colleagues, holds current IEEE Senior Member, Fellow or Honorary status. To help with this process, a list of qualified referees is available here.

If you are seeking referees for elevation to Senior Member status and you can't find any of your colleagues on the list of qualified referees, or if you have any other problems or queries concerning the process, please contact the Queensland Section Vice-chair.

Full details of the IEEE Senior Member programme can be found here.

Senior Member to Fellow

The grade of Fellow exists to recognise extraordinary accomplishment in our profession. There has been a perception that Fellowship of the IEEE is only awarded to stratospheric professors. This is not quite the case, though the ranks of IEEE Fellows certainly contain many in this class. Did you know that the rules governing the award of Fellow have recently changed? A category has been added for Application Engineer/Practitioner to encourage more applications from industry.

Full details of the IEEE Fellow programme can be found here.

Last modified: 25 August, 2014