Pittsburgh Chapter

A joint chapter with control systems society







Welcome to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Signal Processing Society (SPS) Pittsburgh Chapter Website. A Professional Organization with an Emphasis on signal processing a special focus on the Western PA Region


The mission of the IEEE Signal Processing Society Pittsburgh Chapter is to locally advance the application of signal processing techniques and methodologies, promote the associated professions, and provide leadership for the benefit of it's members and humanity by disseminating knowledge, setting standards, fostering professional development, and recognizing excellence.        


Signal Processing Society aims:


1. To provide a means for industry, research, and education to exchange knowledge within the common thread of engineering


2. To allow researchers, educators, students, and engineers to come together to informally discuss each others environment and stimulate a mutual insight


3. To provide a forum of access to new and emerging technologies, from both the clinical and engineering perspectives


4. To provide programs for students arranged to enhance their educational program and make them aware of potential career choices