(Position descriptions updated 19 November 2006)
The Executive Committee consists of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Tresurer.

Chairperson & Vice Chairperson *

  1. In possession of and familiar with the IEEE Constitution, Bylaws, Regional Activities Board (RAB) Operations Manual, and the Section Bylaws.
  2. Presides at meetings of the Section and the Section Executive Committee.
  3. Operates the section to maximize satisfaction of Section member needs with the resources available.
  4. Establishes and supports Chapters in his/her section for all societies having 12 or more interested members who reside in the Section.
  5. Establishes and supports Affinity Groups for those approved groups with 12 or more members interested in supporting such a group who reside in the Section.
  6. Develops and presents plans for meeting members' needs to the Section Executive Committee for review.
  7. Identifies appropriate volunteers and presents their appointments to the Executive Committee for review.
  8. Ensures that all Section Officers, Committee Chairs, and Chapter Chairs are properly trained for their jobs.
  9. Signs L-50 financial report and confirms all reporting accurate and submitted in a timely manner.
  10. Ensures satisfactory performance from the other Section Officers and the Section Committee Chairs.
  11. Appoints a Nominating Committee.
  12. Prepares an annual report of Section Activities for submission to the Region.
  13. Represents the Section at all IEEE gatherings.
  14. Transfers Section records to the new Section Chair at the end of the term.

* The Section Vice Chair fulfills the duties of the Chair in his or her absence, and assists and supports the Chair as required/assigned.


  1. Accurately records minutes of all Section meetings. (This is usually only necessary at Executive Committee meetings).
  2. Distributes agenda and meeting notices for all Section meetings.
  3. Reports all Section and sub-unit meetings to the IEEE Regional Activities Department using the proper forms, such as L-31 meeting forms.
  4. Submits annual meeting and officer forms on or before the deadline for Section rebate.
  5. Maintains all Section records except for the financial records that are maintained by the Section Treasurer.
  6. Notifies the IEEE Regional Activities Department of all changes in Section and sub-unit Officers.
  7. Maintains an adequate supply of all forms, stationary, and other materials required by the Section.
  8. Submits Section Bylaws to the IEEE Regional Activities Department and reports any revisions to be made to them.
  9. Ensures the Section's website is maintained. The Secretary can manage the website themselves unless this has been delegated to another volunteer but the Secretary is responsible for seeing that the website is kept up to date.
  10. Maintains the Section's mailing lists, both e-mail and regular mail.
  11. Distributes member lists as they are updated to Section officers and other volunteers approved for receiving member lists.
  12. Attends Executive Committee meetings.


  1. Accurately maintains financial records for Section.
  2. Maintains bank accounts of Section funds, including monthly bank account reconciliation and makes bank deposits for money collected at meetings, etc.
  3. Processes bank account signature authority documentation for IEEE Staff Director, Financial Services' signature where local laws and regulations permit.
  4. Prepares the annual budget for submission to the Section Executive Committee.
  5. If a Finance Committee is in place, serves as Chair of that committee. Makes disbursements in accordance with the approved budget.
  6. Makes disbursements in accordance with the approved budget.
  7. Refers expenses outside the budget to the Section Chair for action.
  8. Ensures that all Section expenditures and disbursements are made in accordance with IEEE policy.
  9. Is familiar with the relevant governance documents affecting financial operations, including but not limited to the RAB Operations Manual and the IEEE Policy & Procedures Manual.
  10. Prepares financial reports for the Section Chair, Section Executive Committee, and Regional Director.
  11. Transfers Section financial records at the end of their term.
  12. Submits annual report of financial activity to the IEEE Operations Center on or before the Section rebate deadline and provides follow-up where necessary to confirm that the report has been approved.
  13. Attends Executive Committee meetings.

Membership Chairperson

After a long and distinguished career of service to IEEE Central Tennessee Section, Bill Sims has moved out of the area and is no longer able to serve as Membership Chairperson for us.  It is vitally important that we find someone to fill this important role.  If you are interested, please contact our .

PACE and GOLD Committee Members

We are soliciting Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) chair, and Professional Activities Committee for Engineers (PACE) members.  If you have any questions regarding participating in these committees, please contact any of the officers.

Nominating Committee Chairperson

We are looking for a chairperson to run elections for 2006 officers.  If you are interested, please contact our .

Program Committee Volunteers

We are looking for people to help with planning and staging of events, and publicity.  In addition, if anyone has ideas regarding topics for seminars or monthly meetings, please contact our .

Publicity Chairperson

Getting our message out is a very important part of being effective in our communities.  We are looking for someone to ensure that IEEE events, meetings, and seminars are announced and get appropriate press coverage.  If you are interested, please contact our .

Pre-college Education Activities

We are beginning a relationship with the Metro Public School System.  We need volunteers to both lead this effort and work to develop programs. If you are interested, please contact our .

Fundraising Chairperson

With our ongoing support of the Tennessee Engineering Center and with expanded community involvement programs, it is more important than ever that we find more ways to raise funds. If you can help, please contact our .

Speakers Bank

If you can make a presentation at a monthly meeting, at a seminar, at a K-12 or university educational outreach event, please contact our .