All Section Officers, Technical Chapter Chairs and Affinity Group Chairs
Subject: 2009 Annual Reports and Rebate
We are approaching the end of 2009 and at this time the final reporting for our geographic units must be concluded.  The MGA Board authorizes a rebate to be distributed to each unit that has completed the annual reporting requirements. 
Your support is requested to ensure that all the reports are completed and submitted as soon as possible but no later than 31 March 2010.    A 10% rebate bonus will be made to units that complete the reporting requirements by 19 February 2010.  Additional information on the 2010 Rebate schedule is available. 
The following annual reports are required to be eligible for a rebate.   All rebates are distributed to the Section and/or Geographic Council.:
  • Meeting activity – The minimum meeting requirements are 5 meetings for Sections and Subsections; 2 technical meetings for Chapters; 2 meetings for Affinity Groups. This information can be submitted online via the electronic L31 meeting report form
  • Current officers – Please use the online officer report form to report your new officers within your geographic unit as soon as they are known.    When you report new officers, this will ensure that the IEEE Geographic Roster will be updated and that the individuals will have access to SAMIEEE, vTools, and Entity Web Hosting services provided by IEEE MGA.  A prompt reporting of officers/volunteers will also ensure that these individuals will also be included on SCOOP monthly newsletter.
  • Financial Activity: Each Region, Section, and Geographic Council Treasurer is responsible for submitting both the Bank Account Disclosure Form and the 2009 Financial Report for their Unit and any Subunits (Subsections, Chapters, and/or Affinity Groups) to IEEE as soon as possible.   
    • Units that maintain a local bank account (i.e. not an IEEE Concentration Bank Account) must also submit the Bank Account Disclosure Form no later than 29 January 2010.
In the coming weeks you will be receiving additional communication regarding the submission of annual reports for your units from the MGA staff.  If you have questions regarding the annual reporting requirements please use the following email aliases:
IEEE Geographic Units are an integral part of IEEE and your efforts are appreciated.  Thank you for all your efforts in 2009