Past Director's Report

For the past two years my principal goal has been to encourage volunteerism in Region 3.  I thank those who have responded to my calls for volunteers for various offices and positions.

At the same time, I have served as chair for the MGA Awards and Recognition Committee, assisted by Mary Ellen Randall as the Region 3 liaison.
Volunteers deserve recognition for their achievements on behalf of the region and the Institute and, again, other volunteers are necessary to nominate and write the forms to help deserving members get recognition.  Mary Ellen has been invaluable as a catalyst for the awards process, both in Region 3 and in MGA ARC.  Thank you, Mary Ellen!

For the future, I stand ready to assist Region 3 in any  way I can.  One goal for next year, when I will chair the Life Members Committee, will be to encourage the formation and activities of Life Member Affinity Groups in the region.  Region 3 has over 3500 life members - the fourth largest number in the ten regions - many of whom are willing to volunteer further, giving back to IEEE for the experiences the Institute helped them gain during their active careers.  This constitutes a largely untapped pool of very experienced members to fill positions on section Excoms and conference committees.

The Life Members Committee is sponsoring a series of technical tours, visiting engineering milestones in cooperation with the IEEE History Center.  The first such tour will be a visit to the Panama Canal, 3-10 March 2010.
Other tours are in the planning stage for England, Scotland, and Ireland.

It has been my pleasure to meet and work with so many members of the Region over my years of service, and I thank you for that opportunity.

George McClure