Oralando COMSOC Chapter DLT Meeting - 6 Oct 2010

Good Afternoon All,
The IEEE Orlando COMSOC Chapter will be hosting a DLT speaker at our next chapter meeting on 6 October 2010.
The location will be at Panera Bread in the community room. The address is: 1210 South International Parkway, Lake Mary, FL 32746
The time for the meeting will be from 6 - 8:30 PM.
The cost will be: $7.50 for IEEE Members & $15.00 for Non-IEEE Members.
Refreshments will be provided.
Seating is limited to 25, so you MUST RSVP to Tom Wandeloski at twandeloski@ieee.org by Noon on 6 October 2010 to reserve your spot and attend.
The DLT Speaker will be: Prof. George Rouskas from NC State University. 
His topic will be - Net SILO: Architectural Support for Internet Evolution and Innovation

In this talk we will present the Net SILO architecture of fine-grain services for the Future Internet (https://net-silos.net/). The design of the architecture is based on three fundamental principles. First, SILO generalizes the concept of layering and decouples layers from services, making it possible to introduce new functionality and innovations. Second, cross-layer interactions are explicitly supported by extending the definition of a service to include control interfaces that can be tuned externally so as to modify the behavior of the service. The third principle is ``design for change:'' the architecture does not dictate the services to be implemented, but provides mechanisms to introduce new services and compose them to perform specific communication tasks. We will present the components of the architecture and the prototype software implementation. We will also describe ongoing work on deploying SILO within the GENI testbed to enable advanced cross-layer experimentation in the optical substrate by harnessing new capabilities available within an emerging intelligent and programmable optical layer.
Have a great week,
Tom Wandeloski
Senior Member
IEEE Orlando COMSOC Chapter Chairperson