Date:  Thursday, January 17, 2008

Time:  6:30 to 8:00 pm  *special time*
Location:  National Instruments *special location*

Room 1S13 Building C 1500 N Mopac Expy

Austin, TX  78759

Topic:  Modern Feature Extraction Applications in Signal Processing
Speaker:  Shie Qian - National Instruments


The primary objective of digital signal processing (DSP) is simply noise reduction and feature extraction from a group of abstract numbers.  This presentation will introduce general guidelines and flowcharts for choosing the best signal analysis approach by analyzing several real data examples.  Although most samples used in this presentation were collected from sound and vibration related applications, such as turbo sound, engine knocking and defect bearing, the signal analysis techniques required in each case are dramatically different.

Speaker Bio:

As a Principal DSP Software Architect, Shie Qian has been involved in the development of almost all LabVIEW DSP toolkits.  In addition to developing the DSP toolkit, he has also been actively engaged in various customer applications, ranging from radio science, ISAR, sound and vibration, to acoustic phase array noise source identification.  He has published dozens of technical papers in IEEE transactions and other leading signal processing journals and authored two graduate level textbooks, published by Prentice Hall, in the area of time-frequency and wavelet analysis. Shie Qian and his long time colleague Dapang Chen served as guest editors for IEEE Signal Processing Magazine Special Issue, March 1999. Shie Qian owns 14 joint patents in applications of signal processing.