IEEE Central Coast Section
EE Department
Cal Poly State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

Officers Election 2000 - Candidatesí Statements

Martin Kaliski, Candidate for Chair
     I wish to continue as Section Chair for the same reasons that I began the San Luis Obispo Subsection in 1994óto send out a clear message to the world that there is meaningful professional activity going on in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties (including Vandenberg).  Our industrial sites may be physically small and geographically scattered, but they are there.  One could well argue, in fact, that this model of engineering activity is a meaningful model for the futureóthe Internet has, in many ways, rendered the need for massive industrial parks obsolete.  My goal is to foster and nurture regular activities in all three of our geographical loci and to involve students and faculty from our excellent local universities and community colleges.  The Central Coast is now on the IEEE map and I will work hard to keep it there.

Ali Shaban, Candidate for Secretary
     I have been the secretary of the Subsection and then Section for the last five years. I will do my best as Secretary to carry on the success that we are having here on the Central Coast.

Jerome Skarnulis, Candidate for Treasurer
     I wish to continue as Treasurer of the Section to finish the job of consolidation.  We have merged the different sections into a much more cohesive unit.  I have streamlined the financial processes and put them all on a PC.  We have adopted budget guidelines for the Section.  I look forward to a year that will reap the benefits of our sound financial planning.

PACE Coordinator
 There is no candidate for the PACE Coordinator position.

John Armstrong, Candidate for Computer Chapter Chair
     I am running for Computer Chair to focus my attention on our technical societies for the coming year. I joined the Computer Society in 1978 in order to receive their excellent publications and to network with other professionals in the computer industry.
     Unfortunately, the Central Coast Chapter of the Computer Society has not been as active in recent years as it should be to serve our members. We are few, only 229 active members, and we are spread out from Carpenteria to Paso Robles. However, by working with our local Universities and with the IEEE Central Coast Section, we should be able to multiply our effectiveness in service to our professional growth.
     As the L.A. Council Chapters Chair, I will be responsible for helping promote the activities of all the IEEE societies in the L.A. area; but I especially want to see Computer activities here on the Central Coast.

     Calling your attention to two computer conferences coming up this year here on the Central Coast:

March 6-8, 2000 - ITSW Seventh International Test Synthesis Workshop, Santa Barbara, California: This workshop discusses all aspects of Test Synthesis, loosely defined as the enabling technology of Design for Test. Contact

June 26-29, 2000 - LICS 2000: IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science, Santa Barbara, California: Logic in Computer Science (LICS) is held annually and aims to attract high quality original papers covering  theoretical and practical issues in computer science that relate to logic in a broad sense, including algebraic, categorical and topological approaches.
Contact Martin Grohe at

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IEEE Central Coast Section Officers Election Ballot

For the term beginning January 1 and ending December 31, 2000.

For each office, place a   next to the candidate of your choice or write in the candidateís name of your choice in the blank box and a a indicating your vote for that person. Election is by plurality of votes cast.
Martin Kaliski
(write in)
Ali Shaban
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Jerome Skarnulis
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PACE Coordinator
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Computer Chapter
John Armstrong
Chair *
(write in)

* Vote ONLY if you are a Computer Society Member
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Election of Central Coast Section officers shall be by secret letter ballot of Section Members, excluding Student and Affiliate Members, with a plurality of votes cast being sufficient for election. Those eligible to vote are Life Fellows, Life Senior Members, Life Members, Fellows, Senior Members, and Members in good standing.

Election of Officers for IEEE Central Coast Section
Officers Ballot, 2000 Term

Ballot Instructions

1. Print ballot portion, and cut it out along the heavy dashed line.

2. Place a Ö next to the candidate of your choice.

3. Put in 1st class envelope

4. Validate the ballot by printing your name and IEEE membership number on the outside of the envelope. The Tellerís Committee will verify the name and number before the ballot is opened in order to maintain your anonymity in this election process.

Print Name: __________________________________________
Membership No: ______________________________________
 5. Attach 1st class postage and mail to
IEEE Central Coast Section Tellerís Committee
c/o Carol Erickson
EE Department
Cal Poly
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

5. Please mail your ballot by February 18, 2000. Ballots received after 12:00 noon on February 22, 2000 will not be counted.