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Product Innovation and Evolution – Creation of a multi-sensor platform used to serve as a force multiplier

It started on the sporting fields. There was a need to detect venue sounds as background for sporting events. But that wasn’t enough. Communities had officer shootings and officer safety issues that our company wanted to address. The officer safety challenge was solved but a new challenge faced communities and governments. Expanding on the sound sensing and detection concept, we created a sensor platform. The platform is designed as a portable or mobile system capable of listening, smelling, and sensing incursions. When the stimulus is sensed, the onboard systems quickly identify the source, provide a live video feed and GPS information of the stimulus to a command center or other secondary observation system.

The presentation will discuss the evolution of the system and some of the technologies created to provide the versatility required to address several disparate market sectors and product requirements.

About the Speaker

Mr. Andrews is Managing Partner of Andrews & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in new product development, business and management development, and Emergency Planning for business, schools and government entities.

Mr. Andrews is a Senior Life Member of IEEE and is currently serving IEEE members as the Past Director (Director 2013-14), AdCom member for the Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS) and past Vice President of Membership, Marketing and Communications; IEEE Awards Board Presentation and Publicity Committee Chair; IEEE Vision, Innovation and Challenges Summit (VICS) Chair; IEEE Life Members Committee and Region 6 Life Members Affinity Group Coordinator; EPICS Committee; Executive Producer of the IEEE Rising Stars Conference, and member of the Phoenix Section Executive Committee. Mr. Andrews’ commitment to the community includes serving as Arizona Region Coordinator for the Future City Competition, President of the Smart Education Foundation, host to the SMART Competition, the Salvation Army Advisory Board past chair and current member, Commissioner on the City of Phoenix Youth and Education Commission; member of the Grand Canyon University Engineering Advisory Board, and the Williams Institute for Ethics and Management Board of Directors.

He was awarded an IEEE Millennium Medal for outstanding achievements and contributions to IEEE, IEEE-USA George F. McClure Citation of Honor Award, and the IEEE-USA Robert S. Walleigh Award for Distinguished Contributions to Engineering Professionalism. Mike has also received the Salvation Army Sally Award for outstanding volunteerism, Hon Kachina Award (Excellence in Volunteerism, State of Arizona, AIA – Arizona Award of Distinction, Williams Institute for Ethics and Management (Board of Directors), Salvation Army Southwest Region Advisory Board (Chair, 2013-2015), The Collaboration for a New Century/Arizona LeaderForce (Business Champion).