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Tuesday March 15th, 2011

Western Digital, 1710 Automation Parkway, San Jose, CA
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Cookies, Conversation & Pizza too at 7:00 P.M.
Presentation at 7:30 P.M.

Fabricating bit patterned media by block copolymer directed assembly

Dr. Ricardo Ruiz
HGST, Inc.


With the demonstration of feature density multiplication by directed self assembly, block copolymer templates stand as one of the most promising routes to fabricating templates for thermally stable magnetic recording media at densities beyond 1Tbit/in2 (below 25nm full-pitch). Nanofabrication challenges in magnetic bit patterned media (BPM), however, reach far beyond pattern formation. I will review recent progress at Hitachi GST in all aspects involving template nanofabrication by directed assembly. These include control over feature size uniformity, bit shape, placement accuracy, metrology, distorted lattices on circular tracks, high fidelity pattern transfer, magnetic BPM fabrication and, more recently, the impact of bit size uniformity on the magnetic switching field distribution. In all these aspects, the high uniformity of block copolymer patterns outperforms that of e-beam lithography alone bringing an exciting opportunity for self-assembly in time for bit patterned media technology


Photo of Dr. Ricardo Ruiz Dr. Ricardo Ruiz received his PhD in Physics from Vanderbilt University where he worked on thin film growth of organic electronic materials. He was a postdocotral fellow at Cornell University where he explored the correlations between structural and electronic properties of pentacene thin film transistors. In 2004 he joined IBM T.J. Watson as a postdoctoral fellow where he learned about block copolymer self assembly and its applications for high density lithography. In 2006 he became a research staff member at Hitachi GST where he works on template nanofabrication for bit patterned media technology using block copolymer self assembly



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