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Meeting and Seminar Archive:

Date:  Jan 7, 2008

Title: An Open Baseband Processing Architecture for Future Mobile Terminal Design

Speaker: Prof. Willie W. Lu, U.S. Center for Wireless Communications (USCWC)


Abstract: The future wireless and mobile communications will be shifted from the traditional transmission-specific technology to the interface-specific technology to be able to converge with the computer system architecture. As Prof. Willie Lu firstly pointed out in 2004 World Wireless Congress and Stanford University, "The future radio is first, a computer, then an Open Wireless Architecture (OWA) terminal". The OWA technology offers an optimal solution to open up the wireless platform from physical layer to the middle layers and support the service-oriented architecture and infrastructure in the upper layers of the future mobile phone development. Working with Google Android open application platform and other industry leading solutions, OWA cores simplify the different radio transmission technologies (RTTs) into interface-based hardware/software modules which are portable, extensible and transferable among various system platforms. Furthermore, OWA makes base-band signal processing of different common air interfaces to be extremely simple and performance-efficient, and enables the future mobile phone basically open for any wireless transmission standards. This talk introduces an open wireless architecture (OWA) terminal design, focusing on the open baseband processing platform to support different existing and future wireless communication standards through the multi-dimensional open baseband processing modules with open interface parameters and baseband management systems. The talk describes multi-layer open system architecture to maximize the system flexibility and minimize the terminal power consumption, so as to provide an integrated and converged next generation wireless and mobile communication terminal system. As a case study, we will also introduce the next generation iPhone platform supporting WiMax, WiFi, WCDMA, GSM and TD-SCDMA powered by OWA technology.



Dr. Willie W. Lu, a former Stanford University Professor, is now executive director of U.S. Center for Wireless Communications (USCWC) in Palo Alto, California, and a special advisor on emerging technologies and strategies in several China information and communications authorities as well as a technology expert committee member and examiner for European Commission's FP6 and FP7 programs. Prof. Lu was member of Technological Advisory Council of U.S. Federal Communications Commission (US FCC-TAC), and a chief wireless architect and vice president of Siemens and Infineon Technologies. He is also an internationally very well recognized and accredited senior expert in emerging wireless technologies and has been a senior technical advisor for 22 wireless communication authorities in more than 10 countries. He is an independent technical examiner for lots of high-tech venture capitals in the United States, Europe, Asia, and other places, and is listed in major Who's Whos in the world. He has guest edited around 50 special issues on emerging wireless communications in IEEE, IEICE, ACM and other major publications, and has had over 180 papers published in major professional publications as well as about 80 papers in SCI index. Prof. Lu is member of the editorial board of IEEE Spectrum, the flag of IEEE. He has been technical program chairman of numerous IEEE conferences including GLOBECOM'03, WCNC'02, VTC'03, and WWC'00-07, and wireless feature editor of IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (former J-SAC Wireless), and others. He is a frequent keynote and featured speaker at lots of global technical fora, and a prominent wireless pioneer on the worldwide basis. He is a member of IEEE, ACM, IEICE, CIC and Sigma Xi, and an adjunct professor at many world-class universities in the world. Willie is also the founding chairman of the prestigious World Wireless Congress, Global Mobile Congress and Fourth Generation Mobile Forum (4GMF), and has been a distinguished and notable Chinese wireless expert overseas by Chinese central government since 1996.

For more information about Dr. Lu's global technical leadership, please visit Prof. Lu's office at: http://willielu.com or http://uscwc.org

Further information on the talk provided by Prof. Lu:

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