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Date:  June 14th, Monday, 2010


Subject:  Next Generation 3D Television - Demo at HDI-US Inc


Speakers:  Ingemar Jansson, CEO of HDI and Edmund Sandburg, CTO of HDI


Abstract:    We are in the early days of 3D television and 3D movie proliferation. While there are many competing technologies for 3D capture and rendering, it is the consumer home where the winners will be voted in or out. Almost all the TV makers are releasing 3D television models with various degrees of technical sophistication, price points and viewing comfort. In this June meeting, we will explore the question of ultimate 3D viewing comfort.


HDI Ltd. is a research and design firm that has perfected laser-driven 3D projection display technology with greater than high-definition resolution. Among the first products to emerge after more than three years of intensive R&D, HDI Ltd.’s laser-driven 100-inch diagonal 2D/3D Switchable Dynamic Video Projection Display delivers a stunningly superior 2D image, with a 50% greater resolution than today’s digital cinemas, and derives its greater-than-high definition stereoscopic 1920 x 1080p “3D” image quality from two RGB laser-illuminated Liquid Crystal on Silcon (LCOS) micro display imagers. At full 1080p HD, the HDI Ltd. screen refreshes at 360 fields per-second on each eye, the fastest refresh rate on any mass produced television or projector. HDI’s 2D/3D Switchable Dynamic Video Projection Display, at a mere 10-inches thick, draws 80% less power than existing 2D flat screen plasma monitors of the same size, and HDI projection displays are anticipated to have a street price potentially 60% less than current 2D flat screen plasma displays.


HDI Ltd. has completely eliminated the adverse effects, such as migraines, dizziness, and nausea, long associated with substandard 3D display technology. HDI Ltd. delivers the most immersive, comfortable, and natural 3D viewing experience in the world with low-cost and lightweight proprietary polarized glasses.


Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computers, calls HDI Ltd., “Without a doubt, the best demonstration of 3D technology I have ever seen.” Technology journalist Richard Hart states, “The smoothest yet, and smoothness means no headaches.” And Sean Portnoy of ZDNet.com, wrote, “We could be looking at a Holy Grail of sorts for the next generation of television.”



Ingemar Jansson:  He founded HDI 4 years ago. He was founder and entrepreneur of numerous display companies with 25 years in the video display business involving product and business development. Ingemar was cofounder of DRI (Digital Reflection, Inc.) where he helped pioneer HD LCoS and several illumination technologies. Also served as consultant within the video and entertainment industry.


Edmund Sandburg: Inventor of the HDI Laser 3D HDTV projection system. Edmund has over 30 years experience in video technology. Worked for 7 years at Ampex back in ’77 and was on the engineering team that developed the industry’s most widely used professional 1” video recorders for the broadcast industry. Designed and built one of the first HD laser projection systems for the military. Was Chief Scientist at DRI that developed the first full HD 1080p LCoS Displays



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