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Date:  September 13, Monday, 2010


Subject:  Principles of Canesta CMOS 3D Time of Flight Systems


Speakers:  Cyrus Bamji, Co-founder and CTO of Canesta


Abstract:    Canesta's 3D electronic perception technology allows
electronic devices to perceive their environment by providing accurate
3D information about the world around them.  Canesta's 3D time of
flight sensor is a massively parallel LIDAR on a single CMOS chip.
When coupled to a light source such as a LED, laser or VCSEL, each 3D
pixel on the chip provides independent distance information to objects
in the field of view of the device. The basic operating principle of
Canesta's CMOS phase-based pixel technology is described.  An analysis
of the factors influencing sensor performance is presented and an
explanation of how to build a time of flight system that meets the
requirements of a given application is provided. Applications for 3D
time of flight systems are described and advantages of these systems
over competing methods are discussed. Canesta's latest high resolution
3D camera will be demonstrated.



Dr. Cyrus Bamji is the Co-founder and CTO of Canesta

Inc. He has 9 years of industry experience working in Electronic

Design Automation. Previously he held the position of Architect, at

Cadence Design Systems. He has an SB in Math, SB in CS, SM and Ph.D.

in EECS all from MIT.


He has interest in and is conversant with a wide variety of technical

disciplines including Physics, Math, Electrical Engineering, and

Computer Science. His work in the area of hierarchical layout

compaction has produced a quantum improvement in the state of the art

in this area and is recognized as a landmark achievement. He is the

author of over 15 conference papers and journal articles presented at

top rated IEEE Conferences. Of these papers, three have won the best

paper award at their respective conferences. He is the inventor of 19

granted patents, with many more pending. He is also the author of a

book on Leaf Cell and Hierarchical Compaction Techniques. At Canesta

Dr. Bamji is involved in the design and implementation of next

generation high performance time of flight detectors and pixels.




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