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Thursday, Feb 25, 2016

Developing Successful Career Relationships: Leveraging Mentoring, Coaching, and Sponsorship

This meeting is hosted/sponsored by IEEE WIE, Intel, and co-sponsored by IEEE SPS Chapter

Speaker :

   Sarah Kalicin

   Senior Statistician, Intel Corporation



   Intel Corporation, SC9 - Auditorium (Santa Clara 9), 3601 Juliette Lane, Santa Clara, CA 95054 (map)



   5:30pm-6:00pm: Registration & Networking

   6:00pm-6:45pm: Session

   6:45pm-7:00pm: Q&A

   7:00pm-7:30pm: Networking & Meet the Speaker



   Click registration link above for details.



As we move up in our careers, mentoring, coaching, and sponsorship become essential career-leveraging relationships to obtain success. The hour workshop will discuss what career-minded individuals need to consider for their own personal and career growth; define the nuances among Mentoring, Coaching, and sponsorship; identify when to best utilize them for particular growth opportunities; and how to identify and establish the right relationship fit. Participants will learn how to create a relationship circle, which is an actionable and adoptable plan for career development. The author will discuss from her personal experience how she developed and utilize these learning to navigate through her own career.


Sarah Kalicin is a senior statistician at Intel Corporation. For the last 15 years, she has led many career development efforts within various companies and created the workshop Developing Successful Career Relationships: Leveraging Mentoring, Coaching, and Sponsorship. Featured in Career Tr@k: http://stattrak.amstat.org/2015/07/01/careerdevelopment/

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