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Thursday, April 6th, 2017

New immersive and object-based multichannel audio formats for cinema, entertainment and cinematic VR

This event is hosted/sponsored by IEEE SPS Chapter


Dr. Jean-Marc Jot, Senior VP, Applied Audio Research, Xperi/DTS



AMD Commons Auditorium, 991 Stewart Dr., Sunnyvale, CA (map or Google Maps)



6:30pm: Check-in

7:00pm: Announcements

7:05pm: Presentation

8:15pm: Adjourn



In recent years, several audio technology companies and standardization organizations (including Dolby, Auro, DTS, MPEG) have developed new formats and tools for the creation, archiving and distribution of immersive audio content in the cinema or broadcast industries. These developments extend legacy multi-channel audio formats to support three-dimensional (with height) sound field encoding, along with optional audio object channels accompanied with positional rendering metadata. They enable efficient content delivery to consumer devices and flexible reproduction in multiple consumer playback environments, including headphones and frontal audio projection systems. In this talk, we'll review and illustrate the state of these developments and discuss perspectives and pending issues, including virtual reality applications.


Jean-Marc Jot leads innovation in audio signal processing at Xperi/DTS. Previously, at Creative Labs, he led the design and development of SoundBlaster audio processing algorithms and architectures, including OpenAL/EAX technologies for game 3D audio authoring and rendering. Before relocating to Califonia in the late 90s, he conducted research at IRCAM in Paris, where he designed the Spat software suite for immersive audio creation, performance and virtual reality. He is a Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and has authored numerous publications and patents on spatial audio signal processing and coding (For more details: sites.google.com/site/jmmjot.)

Slides (PDF)

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