Use the below steps and the form that follows:

  1. Download the Eventbrite Event Report (CSV)
      - goto Event Page
      - goto Manage -> Analyze -> Event Reports
      - goto Export to CSV: this will get you CSV file, like "report-2015-09-01T2100.csv"

  2. Download "wa-report.csv" from using Report Format "CSV Format (All)"
      - login to
      - goto List Management -> List Dashboard
      - click [View] for the mailing-list
      - select Report Format as "CSV Format (All)"
      - click "submit" to download "wa-report.csv"

  3. (optional) Keep the list of e-mail addresses to discard from mailing-list
      - keep the list of e-mail addresses in "listservDiscardList.txt" (one e-mail address per line)

  4. Generate e-mail body and send it to "listserv(at)"
      - use the form below these instructions to generate e-mail body
      - open Eventbrite Event Report (CSV), using choose file and selecting "report-2015-09-01T2100.csv"
      - open Listserv (CSV), using choose file and selecting "wa-report.csv"
      - if available, choose file and select "listservDiscardList.txt"
      - click "Generate Message" to generate e-mail body to be sent to
      - click "Export Message" to save the message into a text file, like "ListservAdd-emailbody.txt"
      - replace "SCV-SPS" with your mailing-list name in "ListservAdd-emailbody.txt"
      - replace "PASSWORD" with your account password in "ListservAdd-emailbody.txt"
      - compose an email to "listserv(at)" and contents of "ListservAdd-emailbody.txt" as e-mail body
        (can be used from smartphone too)

Export Eventbrite Event Report (CSV) to

Load Eventbrite CSV
Load Listserv CSV (wa-report.csv)
Load Discard Email List