OpenVX Tutorial

Check out OpenVX Tutorial events in Silicon Valley.

Setup Your Computer Before Starting the Tutorial

This tutorial makes use of VirtualBox software and a virtual machine prepared with the course material.

Familiarie yourself with OpenVX specification [html|pdf].

Overview of Tutorial Exercises

It is best to start doing these exercises after the tutorial presentations.

In the VM, all the tutorial exercises are kept in ~/openvx_tutorial/tutorial_exercises.
The tutorial_exercises/CMakeLists.txt includes all the exercises as separate projects.
All of the exercise folders contain only one .cpp file with main() as the entry point.
All the include files are kept in the tutorial_exercises/include directory.

The tutorial_exercises sub-directory contains four exercises:

There are additional folders with full solutions:

Each exercise requires you to modify exerciseN/exerciseN.cpp file. Here are few helpful instructions:

Tutorial Slides