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Steve Jackson


I clearly recall, at age 6, methodically inserting metal tweezers into a 120V / 25 CPS duplex outlet so I could "tease out the sparks". Oddly, I knew what I was doing!

I never contemplated any career but EE and I earned my U of T Skule papers Class of 7T2. Grad school was anathema, because the Grad Demmies were held in snake-belly low esteem.

I was never comfortable with Skule's EM theory. I knew that something was badly wrong - but what? In 2007 I met Prof. Konstantin Meyl at a conference in Utah. His boat-on-a-pond demonstration of Tesla's Wireless Power Transmission was Amazing!

I bought his demo kit and read his thick Scalar Waves book, again and again. Progress was slow and the rules were elusive. Eventually I got my wireless fan to blow serious air!

I went to TeslaTech 2010 convinced that the aether does exist after all, and it plays a key role in these Electrical mysteries.

Dr. Peter Lindemann: "We've got to stop asking permission (to pursue non-standard electrical physics)!"

I was invited me to speak to IEEE Hamilton on 2011-Mar-24 about what I had learned about Tesla's Wireless Power Transmission.
A copy of the presentation is here.

AIEE honoured Tesla. IEEE has only shunned Tesla. Even Tesla-award-winning academics know nearly nothing of the man. That ignorance is a Wrong that we working Engineer members of IEEE can put Right. We can and should restore Nikola Tesla to his proper esteem as: The Engineer's Engineer - by reviving his ideas.

Tesla's only goal was to serve mankind. Academics decline to revise their textbooks, but we working Engineers are no longer inclined to ask their permission.

We too are called to serve mankind.

Open Source Kit

Open Source Project

For those that would like to prove or disprove or just evaluate Tesla's wireless power demonstrations, there is a PESN open source project providing shared information on "Tesla's Wireless Aetheric Power Transmission" available on the Pure Energy Systems Network PESWiki.

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