Calendar for Awards in 2024

Month Who Activity
January All Submit photograph to Newsletter Editor, Web Master
January All Review Operations Manual, calendar, and other documents to maintain familiarity with duties.
January Awards Submit years award recipients to ExCom for approval in executive session
January/February Awards Create script for use at Region 3 Awards Ceremony
February All Standing committee staffing complete
February All Submit newsletter articles for spring (SoutheastCon) edition
February Awards Have award recipients plaques made
March/April All Submit expense reimbursement request through Concur in accordance with Region travel policy
March/April All Plan meetings (if any) in conjunction with Region Committee as approved by Region Director
March/April All Facilitate the Financial Audit of the Region 3 Financial Records.
March/April Awards Awards presentation at SoutheastCon
March/April Awards Notify R3 Webmaster of Award updates to R3 Web Site
June Awards Issue “Call for awards nomination”
August ExCom The Region 3 ExCom considers the slate of Director-Elect candidates submitted by the N&A Committee in Executive Session.
September All Submit articles to Newsletter Editor
September R3 Committee The slate of Director-Elect candidates from the ExCom is submitted to the Region 3 Committee for endorsement.
December All Submit articles to Newsletter Editor (third edition is typically optional)
December Awards Professional member ARC nominations deadline
December ExCom Approve recommended budget for next year