About IEEE Region 4

Region 4 is a geographic unit as established by the Board of Directors of IEEE as a basic operating entity of IEEE for management and administrative purposes to represent and fulfill the needs of the members and the missions of the IEEE within its territory. It is one of six such units within the USA and ten such units worldwide. Region 4 is divided into West, Central and East Areas.

Regional activities, conducted under the aegis of the Regional Activities Board, are concerned primarily with the interests of the individual member in the locale of his/her home or place of employment, and with the activities of local groups of members such as Sections, Subsections, Chapters, Student Branches and Student Branch Chapters. Regional activities are directed toward developing and maintaining, through sound administrative practices, these groups of members. The groups afford on a local basis a common forum for their members to meet and to exchange views on technical, educational, professional or other areas of interest. The Region supports the leadership of these groups by providing leadership training, forums for lessons-learned exchange and solution development, links to resources from throughout the IEEE, and a two-way communications channel to the Board of Directors level of the IEEE.

The Regional & Regional Executive Committee
The governing body of Region 4 is its Regional Committee. Between meetings of the Regional Committee and in accordance with direction of the Regional Committee, its Regional Executive Committee is entrusted with the management of Region 4. The Regional Director chairs both committees. All Section Chairs of Region 4 are voting members of the Regional Committee.

Your Regional Director / Delegate and the IEEE Board of Directors & Assembly ...

IEEE Reorganization Note

The IEEE organization described in this section is undergoing some change due to the IEEE Reorganization process.

Director / Delegate Explanation

Regional Director and Regional Director-Elect are the commonly used titles; however, a word of explanation is in order concerning the titles of Director and Delegate. One will find both of these titles throughout the documentation concerning the management of the IEEE. There is a very important distinction. That is, the title Delegate is reserved for those that are directly elected by their respective groups of IEEE voting members. Not all Directors are Delegates.

Regional Director / Regional Delegate Selection

The Regional Committee approves the nominees for Regional Delegate to the IEEE Assembly to be placed on the IEEE ballot. The voting membership of Region 4 then cast their ballots. The term of Regional Delegate is two years. Region 4 elects a Delegate-Elect in even-numbered years. The Delegate-Elect serves a two-year term the following even-numbered year and, without further election, serves as Regional Delegate for the following two years. As a Delegate-Elect and Delegate, by virtue of this election, this person serves as the Regional Director-Elect and Regional Director.

Region 4 Delegate & the IEEE Assembly

The voting members of each Region elect a Delegate to the IEEE Assembly. The voting members of each Division do likewise. There are ten Regional Delegates and ten Divisional Delegates. (Divisions represent groupings of technical interest.) The voting members of IEEE also elect their President which results in three positions of one year each - Past-President, President, and President-Elect (the commonly called 3-Ps). These three persons are Delegates-at-Large of the Assembly. These 23 individuals, all elected by the voting members of IEEE, constitute the IEEE Assembly. And, they are all Directors or Directors-at-Large of IEEE by virtue of these elections.

The IEEE Assembly performs certain legal functions and elects certain IEEE Corporate Officers who, by this election, are Directors-at-Large. Such Corporate Officers have included IEEE Vice Presidents and the Secretary-Treasurer (or Secretary and Treasurer).

Region 4 Director & the IEEE Board of Directors

The IEEE Board of Directors is the governing body of IEEE. It includes Directors, including Directors-at-Large elected by the Assembly. The IEEE Board of Directors includes the 10 Regional Directors, 10 Divisional Directors, IEEE Vice Presidents, IEEE Secretary-Treasurer (or Secretary and Treasurer) and IEEE 3-Ps.

Region 4 Director & RAB & IEEE-USA

The Region Directors are voting members of the Regional Activities Board (RAB) and the IEEE-USA / United States Activities Board (IEEE-USA / USAB).

The Sections / Subsections & Geographic Territory of Region 4

The following is a listing, by Area, of the Sections and Subsections of Region 4. The territory of each consists of all or parts of the listed states and Canada.